PBN Members come from all walks of life

Members of Perthshire Businesswomen’s Network come from all walks of life, all areas of commerce, industry, the arts and leisure.  What we have in common is a desire to achieve our professional and personal goals, whatever they might be.   Our wide network of contacts, friendly supportive meetings and local business influence aims to boost our members’ chances of doing exactly this.

You will find the members’ area packed full of useful information – if you haven’t joined us yet and would like access to these great offers, benefits and events then simply join today and we’ll be in touch.

Current Members can enjoy all of the following as part of their ongoing membership.

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Offers from PBN members for PBN members.  Promote your business through offers for fellow members and enjoy these fantastic incentives to do business with each other – click here(Please note it is not compulsory to offer a discount or incentive to other members – all businesses are unique!). 

Contact your fellow members and find a fantastic network of professional and leisure businesses at your fingertips – click here. (please note, some members have asked us not to make their details public. You will be provided with access to a full database on joining.) 

Your membership of PBN gives you automatic membership to the Association of Scottish Businesswomen saving you £25 annually – click here.