Meeting Minutes: 2nd June 2020

Meeting reference:PBN Committee Meeting 2020/01 

Date and time:  Tuesday 2nd June at 6.30pm 

Location:  Zoom 

Purpose:    Scheduled meeting 


Present: Debbie Hutchison, Megan Mailer, Rebecca Ellwood, Jan Deegan and Donna Bednarek 

Apologies: none 

Welcome from President thanks to the committee to being able to reschedule the meeting to new date as ASB wished to schedule an affiliates Zoom call with PBN on Monday 8th June 6:30pm. 

Minutes approved from previous committee meeting held 11/05/20 

Updates from previous Actions: 

AGM minutes edited and waiting for new website to be uploaded.  

Cost of £3 a member to become an ASB affiliate rising to £4 per member in 2021 – to be checked if 2019/2020 habeen paid in January 2020. RE no record seen as yet however might show on bank account to which we are still to gain access. 

Zoom month to month subscription to continue. 

All committee joined Teams to communicate and store PBN information. 


ACTIONS to be carried forward:  

Committee to carry on thinking about grants available and possibly look at Funding Scotland and MM to carry forward testing membership sign up on new website when all information has been finalised.  

Apply filters for non-profit/ woman in business etc. DH to ask Wendy. 


  1. Domain Name Proposal: 

Email address is lengthy, general discussion around changing as we affectionately call it PBN. Currently 2 domain names being paid for and .com to assist in SEO. If a change was to be made now is the time before the new website is launched. 

The .org would sit alongside the ethos of PBN.  

Cost of each of the email address annually is £56 both with a 25GB inbox capacity (info@ and treasurer@ maintained free of charge if any problems – current provider Trish from Volpa.)  The  president@ is free due to the capacity of the Inbox but with a realisation that this might need to be upgraded.  

Consideration that treasurer@ could either be a completely separate and from a free provider like Gmail/ Outlook but downgrading to 12GB inbox capacity per year. History would have to be saved by either uploading to cloud/ Mind Cast or onto new email address inbox. 

The main aim is to become more cost efficient and streamlined. 

DH proposed to change domain and emails to the most cost-efficient way for present committee and for future committees. 2nd by DB. 



MM to research and to revert to President and Treasurer for payment authorisation via PayPal for domain and emails.  

  1. Members Letter & Survey: 

Discount card / PBN discount could be offered by and to members as a benefit. Something that individuals could highlight in their bio on the new website members directory.   


DH Waiting for new email to be finalised before sending 

DH Survey to be tweaked and list the benefits rather than make them think. 

MM to update current new members welcome letter to include the discount offering promotion 

  1. Membership Fee Proposal: 

The diverse range of memberships will hopefully attractive key individuals that would be a great asset to future committee roles. Gives wider scope for marketing appeals to recruit new members.   

Member Rate – Currently £30 for 2 years for new business or £45 1 year 

2020 stay the same at £45 

Corporate Rate – Historically £80 for 6 guests  

2020 3 named members / or company profile    £120                

Student Rate-Current N/A 

2020 full/part time education registered with student email address/ site of ID      card £25. 

Retired Rate-Current N/A 

2020 No age or proof needed £25. 

Proposed by DH 2nd by JD 


RE to check if automatic renewals of previous membership rates can be stopped to allow new rates to be collected. 

MM to contact Kim to update website with new membership rates. 

  1. Treasurers Report: 

RE spoken with Jane for hand over. Names on bank account still taking time to coordinate even with continuous reminding. 

Set up a new bank account rather than waiting game, transfer the balance from current account to new on line bank account. New PayPal account made to link with new on line bank account with new email address. New Committees to follow this step as looks to be the easiest 

Proposed DB 2nd by DH. 

Audited accounts – after investigation nothing has been submitted to identified accountant from previous year. Given the lack of transparency important that previous years accounts are audited so new committee can confidently progress. 

QuickBooks invoices £14.40 every two months, current committee still no access given to this software. Not required 

Volpa Invoice for web development at charity rate, time was a gift. Charges to cover domains, plug ins etc. Annual maintenance for new website not in writing/ explained to current committee as no records found on proposal and agreements from previous committee. Grant support might be available for new website costs. 


DH to communicate with Tricia Volpa) cc in Jane and RE that authorisation for payment cannot be granted due to numerous unknown financial responsibilities put upon new committee. Payment plan to be put in place for outstanding Volpa invoice and press for a written estimate for annual maintenance of new website. 

RE to collect all paperwork sitting with Jane. 

RE apology to Fiona Fraser (identified accountant) that the new committee were under the impression that all the relevant documents were already handed over. Establish the terms of payment she was expecting to carry out auditing the accounts. Free membership can be given as payment. 

RE research on line bank accounts. 

DH on behalf of the committee to instruct Jane to close QuickBooks with a deadline attached. Jane to give current bank balance. 

Transfer current balance BEFORE closing current PayPal account then transfer into the new on line account.  

DH to get a comparable quote for hosting the website. 

  1. Marketing: 

Ian potter has offered to compile new committee photo for press release. 

DH has press release copy  


RE + DH to submit head shot 

JD and RE to update bio details for new website 

MM to send DB link to current bio  

MM to deliver Team tutorial to committee 

  1. Events: 

Presentation spots on the virtual platform to remain free of charge for a 6-month period then become a members benefit as currently not a wide enough audience – these terms not made public but just reflect current unprecedented times. Get engagement. 

DB to pick up reins for co ordinating, hosting and scheduling events. Access to info@ email, MM still to update website / social media. Rachel Weiss, Annette Welsh and shown interest. Cat lighting already scheduled for June. 

DB & DH presentation up their sleeves. 

Big ticket presentation would be Fin contact details via MM.  

DH has a business coach contact that PBN could tie in with Perth Chamber 

DB Charity initiative/ partnership for November time. 

Online auction for the previously unused raffle prizes funds for the Walled Garden to honour the past committee charity initiative.  

Current active membership 43. 


JD set up and email calendar invitation for future committee meetings via Zoom. 

DB & MM to talk separately about calendar of events. 

DB to arrange and alternative skill sharing and networking virtual Zoom events throughout the summer months. 2 a month, still on a free basis and open to everyone. 

Agenda point for next meeting is membership drive. 

DB to be made an admin to Facebook and to create the auction, any vouchers from a restaurant to confirm validation. 


Meeting closed 

Next virtual committee meeting to be held on Monday 13th July 2020 @ 6:30pm. 


Meeting reference:PBN Committee Meeting 2020/01 

Date and time:  Monday 11 May at 6.30pm 

Location:  Zoom 

Purpose:    Scheduled meeting 

Present: Debbie Hutchison, Megan Mailer, Rebecca Ellwood and Jan Deegan 

Apologies: Donna Bednarek 

Welcome from President 

Minutes approved from previous informal committee meeting held 27/4/20 

Action: AGM minutes still to be edited, DH to contact Olivia to ask for these to be updated so MM can upload onto the website 

Chair report 

Virtual meetings looking to be welcomed 1st Zoom weekly meet up 12 attended with follow up support given. JD hosted on Friday 8th May at 10 am with 18 registered and 16 attendings. JD felt too many people on screen at once and did not allow for discussion on the topic ‘what is your business doing to get ready’. Encourage the committee to practise using break out room. Rule of thumb to use break out room with over 6 people registered for a topic as too many for constructive discussion but fine for networking alone. A large percentage of the registered interest is by non-members so hope that this will help boost membership. 


Group call for zoom to test the breakout rooms 

Treasures Report 

RE Still to meet with Jane to get the bank details and to go into the bank/ phone bank to start hand over. 

Quickbooks around £30 per month – all felt this was a large outgoing. From memory, the account was chosen because of Quickbooks but has not proven that end of year account any quicker and our financial movements are not that complicated to justify Quickbooks system. No account fee is paid to Fiona Fraser – current accountant. Consider other options for an accountant that would not incur the monthly fee. End of Year accounts promised midMay. 

DH Proposal for discretionary funds/ petty cash, 2nd by RE . Use an app to scan the receipt to RE treasure email with PBN petty Cash. 

Unpaid invoice £1502.28 to Volpa  ( possibly for press releases, domains) + £90 to Fiona Kerr Culture PK (possibly venue hire). Unsure if these invoices have been submitted to the accountant. 

Using Paypal to pay for Zoom and MM invoice. 



RE to follow up with Jane directly re bank. 

DH to send log in to RE for PayPal account, only updates required would be RE details verified with Paypal + change email address. 

RE to introduce herself to Fiona Fraserdiscuss Quickbooks and possibly dropping it, ask if she wants to continue doing the accounts and offer her membership in return. Check if outstanding invoices have reached her for the end of year accounts. 

MM giving RE access to login to the treasurer’s emails which have not been checked for 6 months. 

Discussion with Tricia about payment plan to Volpa and to discuss their services going forward including email addresses/ domains and establish a base cost. Yet to be assigned. 

Committee to think about any funds/ grants for us as a non-profit group.  


All agreed to explore using Microsoft Teams to communicate rather than accessing Basecamp via Tricia and Basecamp. Doublecheck the costs involved. 

Mobile numbers for the committee: 

Jan: 07729954050 

Megan: 07538504903 

Debbie: 07792600054 


Email address – currently: info@    treasurer@  . All agreed that president@ would be beneficial. 


MM to look into Teams and deliver the committee a tutorial. 

DB to be asked about sharing her mobile with the committee  

MM to confirm with Tricia the cost for the current emails addresses plus what the additional cost would be to add in the proposed 3rd one. 

Access given to the committee for the info@ account but to be mindful of how the emails are replied to as currently well managed already my MM 


New website shared during meeting so we could get a feel for it, fully editable by MM. Committee to each update own profile to show good practise to members and to encourage current members to do the same. Drive home the point about the valuable directory that will be shared/ accessed with our members and followers. 

Members both past and present to be addressed with updates via an email or post private address by post to including website, survey monkey/ introduce new committee, update membership and profile. Press release for digital and print in discussion between DH +MM to promote weekly catchups/ new website/ new committee/ vision for PBN, imagery to still be added. 


Membership to stick at £45 for Perth. Researched into different areas membership fees. Perth PBN corporate membership previously ditched due to technical difficulty in recording data via the websiteThe corporate could be manually inputted – all agreed that corporate membership should be reinstated to target employers and potentially raise event attendance.  

Junior and retired membership options in different areas – should we introduce? For later discussion in the next meeting. 



Committee to provide an updated profile for MM to upload to the new website.  

DH to draft a welcome/ update letter for member and past members over the next few weeks. 

DH to ask what the costs are involved to be an affiliate with A.S.B. 

MM to do a test ‘members sign up on the new website.  

Discussion needed to finalise membership fees before the website can go live and presidents letter sent. 


Committee Meeting to be held every 2nd Monday at 6:30 pm until further notice. 

Online zoom weekly meeting confirmed for the next 4 weeks with the offer of w/c 18th to be filled with presentation for 20 minutes and then general discussion. Each host will be responsible to set up the meeting and to forward the details so MM can share with registered interest might be worth having a cohost at each meeting. 

Skill sharing/presentation sessions to be found – Rachel Weiss & Annett Welsh shown interest (non-members) 

Worry that too many opportunities given away ‘free’ to non-members, where is the incentive for them to join the PBN. Currently, no outlay’s via virtual meetups and shows goodwill and traction. 

Further discussion needed about facetoface meetups and the £5 nonmember ticket (never purchased and where was the value for this). Location, incentive, signin sheet, value  

Future events access to Merlin’s garden at Cherrybank 


MM to invite Claire (non-member) from Cat Lighting to select a date from w/c 18th May and a time that suits for her presentation. 

DH Zoom login to be shared with the committee.  

Membership drive discussion for the next meeting. 

Next Committee meeting: 

8th June 6:30 pm to be held virtually 

AGM Minutes: 30th April 2020


Thursday 30th April 2020 

Via Video Conferencing 



Present: Jane Rennie, Olivia Robertson, Tricia Fox, Megan Mailer, Tanya Ewing, Debbie Hutchison, Jan Deegan, Donna Bednarek, Jennifer McGregor, Rebecca Ellwood 


Apologies: Nicola Burke 


Welcome: Debbie welcomed everyone who had joined the video conference. 


Minutes of the last AGM:  

The draft minutes will be available to view on the PBN website until 14 May for comment, after which they will be accepted as true record. 


Matters Arising: There were no matters arising. 


President’s Report:  

PBN’s aim is to continue to increase the membership by engaging with local businesswomen and working to be more visible. 


Jane outlined the difficulties that the committee has had over the past year, with getting people to engage in events. This will be a challenge for the new committee going forward. 


Fewer events were arranged this last year, as attendance had dropped off.  However, the breakfast networking events are continuing to be popular. 


Jane praised the committee for their hard work and support and on the amount of money that PBN has raised for charity over the last few years. Jane was especially grateful to Tricia Fox outgoing vice-president and to Olivia Robertson  


Jane went on to say that the word ‘Business’ needs to be put back into PBN and that there have been problems attracting people to join who are not just business owners but business employees as well. 


One of the many challenges over the past year has been maintaining involvement from the whole committee so the work required is evenly distributed. 


Jane informed the group that she approached Debbie Hutchison to take over as President of PBN and that she is leaving the organization in good hands. 



Treasurer’s Report:  

There have been challenges in getting the accounts in time for the AGM.  This is because the accountant has been really busy helping businesses during the Covid-19 pandemic. However, the accounts will be published by the end of May and will be on the website to view. 


As of 15th April there is £2826.06 in the bank account and as of 29th April there is £429.84 in the Paypal account. 


The bank balance is required to be maintained above £2000.  


The changes of signatory to the bank account will need to be completed as soon as it possible to do so under the current lockdown. Currently, Jane Rennie, Debbie Fellows and Olivia Pardoe are signatories.  Jane will liaise with Debbie to arrange to complete the paperwork. 


ACTION: Jane Rennie to set up a meeting to meet Laura the Bank Manager and to email links for banking to Debbie & Rebecca 


The Paypal account will need to be changed. As Paypal must have a person mandated to run the account and not a business, the old account will need to be closed and a new account set up. 


ACTION: Rebecca Ellwood to set up a new Paypal account 




Election of Committee:  


Debbie Hutchison – President      

Proposed by – Jane Rennie   

Seconded by – Olivia Robertson 


Megan Mailer – Vice President 

Proposed by– Tricia Fox 

Seconded by– Jan Deegan 


Rebecca Ellwood  Treasurer 

Proposed by– Jane Rennie 

Seconded by– Donna Bednarek 


Jan Deegan – Minute Secretary 

Proposed by– Olivia Robertson 

Seconded by– Jane Rennie 


The new committee was approved, and the nomination forms will be filed. 



There are currently 38 members. Debbie is keen to have a membership drive and reaching a target of 40 members enables PBN to get some administrative support. 

Tricia, Jane and Olivia have business cards, postcards and banners to hand over as soon as possible. 



Debbie proposed the adoption of the new constitutionwhich was posted on the website before the meeting, and this was seconded by Tricia. 

Going forward it had been suggested by a member that the President can propose choosing the charity for BPN to support. But subject to approval by the committee. This was seconded by Debbie.  


There will be a membership drive and a member’s survey. She is keen to co-ordinate with other local business groups e.g. Women Ahead in Dundee to host joint events.  


Debbie is setting up a weekly virtual chat for members from next week and is keen to use social media to support members. 


Website – Tricia reported that this has now been simplified.  As a result, setting up a profile for a member will need to be done manually. Megan knows how to access it.  There is one domain name sitting with Jane, she will arrange to get this transferred over and Tricia is happy to set up others as required. 



AOCB: There was no other business and the meeting closed at 6.15pm 


Date of next AGM: Thursday 29th April 2021 











PBN Committee Meeting Minutes

Thursday 11th July 2019, Volpa Office, Perth

Present: Olivia Robertson, Georgina Coleman,Tricia Fox, Caroline Mackintosh, Rebecca Ellwood

Apologies: Donna Bednarek, Jane Rennie, Megan Mailer

Minutes of 23rd may were approved.

Matters Arising:

Only one person had booked for Breakfast Network at Blend and there were no walk ins this time.

The Striving for Excellence talk by Molke was excellent. Unfortunately the lunch was not so good – in spite of requesting, there were no gluten free or vegan options. Georgina has complained to the café.


Nothing new to add

2019 dates for Breakfast Networking:

Friday 23rd August – Blend Café – Georgina to host

Monday 16th Sept – Costa Broxden – Rebecca to host

Friday 18th October – Blend Café – Olivia to host

Monday 18th November – Costa Inveralmond – Olivia to host

Striving for Excellence

Thursday 5th September 5.30pm – Catriona McInnes – AK Bell library – Tricia to host

Tuesday 26th November 5.30pm – Karen Reid – AK Bell library

Speakers required for Feb 2020 and May/June 2020

Ideas put forward were:

Ewan Macgregor’s mother from Crieff

Amanda Millar from Perth – Caroline to contact her

Kim Cameron from the Gin Bothy – Georgina to contact her

Lady Mansfield from Scone Palace – Tricia to contact her

An Edinburgh based entrepreneur selling tights – Tricia to find her


The Garden Party idea has been scrapped in favour of an ‘online square raffle. Rebecca to get the information required to get this up and running

All committee are required to go out and find prizes.

Olivia will donate a weekend in one of her holiday cottages.


This year’s charity is to be the PKAVS walled garden


6 people have joined since the last committee meeting. This was down to Megan’s digital marketing campaign.

We still need a list of members to cross check the renewals – Megan to liaise with Jane re this

The committee felt that the ‘Business’ part of our name was old fashioned and needs to change. There was a discussion around this.

It was agreed that further discussion was needed and also research from each committee member prior to talking further.

Tricia to send round a Doodle poll for a date in July/August to take this idea further


Nothing to add, other than the committee felt that Megan is doing a great job.


Rebecca Ellwood who works at Thorntons to liaise with Debbie Fellows and get this completed as soon as possible

Treasurer’s Report

Caroline still does not have full access to the bank account.

Caroline to chase this up with Olivia Pardoe



Date of next meeting:

Thursday 12th September, 5.30 Venue Costa Broxden

Future Committee meeting dates for the diary:

Thursday 7th November, 5.30 Venue TBC

PBN Committee Meeting Minutes

Thursday 23rd May, Volpa Office, Perth

Present: Jane Rennie, Olivia Robertson, Georgina Coleman,Tricia Fox, Caroline Mackintosh, Rebecca Ellwood, Megan Mailer

Apologies: Claire MacFarlane, Donna Bednarek

Matters Arising:



Breakfast networking was discussed and it was agreed to alternate between Costa Broxden/Inveralmond and Blend café in the city centre. It was also agreed to change the start time to 8.30am

2019 dates for Breakfast Networking:

Friday 21st June – Blend Café – Olivia to host

Monday 15th July – Costa Inveralmond – Caroline to host

Friday 23rd August – Blend Café – Georgina to host

Monday 16th Sept – Costa Broxden – Rebecca to host

Friday 18th October – Blend Café – Olivia to host

Monday 18th November – Costa Inveralmond – Tricia to host

Striving for Excellence

Tuesday 11th June, 12.30pm – Molke – AK Bell library

Thursday 5th September 5.30pm – Catriona McInnes – AK Bell library

Tuesday 26th November 5.30pm – Karen Reid – AK Bell library


A potential fundraiser was discussed – having a garden party in the walled garden at Murray Royal Hospital. Provisional date – 29th August. Tombola and raffle to be organized, licenses for selling raffle tickets to be arranged. Georgina to action


This year’s charity is to be the PKAVS walled garden


Membership was discussed. The question was asked as to what are the benefits of being a member of PBN? What to the members want out of their membership? We still have the problem of events being arranged and no one signing up. Suggestion made to lobby employers to allow their employees to attend events on a regular basis. It was also suggested that the committee look into having affiliations with local businesses so that PBN members can benefit from 10% off goods and services.

The committee felt that the ‘Business’ part of our name was old fashioned and needs to change. There was a discussion around this.

It was agreed that further discussion was needed and also research from each committee member prior to talking further.

Jane to send round a Doodle poll for a date in July to take this idea further


Megan Mailer has been appointed. She is just about managing the admin required in the 2 hours allotted. She will be responsible for crosschecking membership renewals.

Sandra at Findlaysons has agreed to hand over the accounting. The

Fiona Fraser has been appointed as the new accountant and has been responsible for setting up the new Quickbooks system. There is also a new Paypal account.


Jane and Rebecca Ellwood who works at Thorntons are to liaise with Debbie Fellows and get this completed as soon as possible

Treasurer’s Report



Social networking – reports show that there has been little engagement with Twitter so PBN is to close this down and concentrate on Facebook.

Date of next meeting:

Thursday 11th July, 5.30pm Venue TBC

Future Committee meeting dates for the diary:

Thursday 12th September, 5.30 Venue TBC

Thursday 7th November, 5.30 Venue TBC

PBN Committee Meeting Minutes

January 16th, 2019

Present: Jane Rennie, Olivia Robertson, Georgina Coleman, Donna Bednarek, Tricia Fox
Apologies: Claire MacFarlane, Olivia Pardoe, Debbie Fellowes, Caroline Mackintosh
Note: Donna Bednarek was co-opted onto the committee. Proposed by Georgina Coleman, seconded by Tricia Fox

1. Matters Arising:


2. Events

Following a discussion by the committee members on organising events, it was decided, due to poor turnouts over the last few months that only 1 event per quarter will be arranged.

There will be no further wine downs.

The breakfast networking will continue monthly at the new venue of Costa Broxden.

2019 dates for Breakfast Networking:

  • Monday 21st January
  • Friday 22nd February
  • Monday 25th March
  • Friday 26th April
  • Monday 20th May
  • Friday 21st June

Claire to book space at Costa.

3. Fundraising


4. Membership

Currently, PBN has 51 members

Olivia is in the process following up the latest new members.

5. AGM

Thursday 18th April at The Bothy in Perth

6.30 – 7pm AGM

7 – 8pm Speaker – Karen MacInnes, editor of The Courier

1 course meal to be arranged

Further committee members are required

Nominations to be encouraged for this and for office bearers.

6. Admin

This continues to be difficult for all committee members to complete.

Tricia is to contact Megan Mailer to ask her if she would be able to carry out 2 hours of PBN admin tasks per week. Fee of £10 per hour to be offered, plus free membership of PBN.

Tricia to action

7. Constitution

Debbie has this in hand.

There has been no response to date from Sandra at Finlaysons. Jane is to email her again re PBN moving to Quickbooks.
Jane to action

8. Treasurer’s Report

There is £3979.70 in the bank account

The committee discussed whether we need to create a new account with Paypal. Jane is to contact Debbie to ask her to instruct Paypal to find a way round changing the administrator on the account.

£344.20 was raised for the charity at the fundraiser in December



10. Date of next meeting:

  • Wednesday 06th March, 5:30pm at Volpa Office in Perth

11. Future Committee meeting dates for the diary:

  • Wednesday 27th March, 6pm Volpa office in Perth
  • Wednesday 24th April, 6pm Volpa office in Perth

PBN Committee Meeting Minutes

October 29th 2018 at Grampian Hotel, Perth

Present: Jane Rennie, Olivia Robertson, Caroline MacKintosh

              Tricia Fox

Apologies: Georgina Coleman, Claire MacFarlane, Olivia Pardoe, Debbie Fellowes

Matters Arising:

Jane said that the Elevator Pitch event went very well. Good feedback was received. It was agreed that this event could be run again next year.


Learning Lunches:

Social Media  – John Fellows This is to be moved to January (date to be advised)

How to Enter Awards –Tricia Fox (postponed for the time being)

Setting up Your Social Media Profile   – Tricia Fox – 1st quarter 2019. Attendees to be asked to bring a laptop and a good picture of themselves. We discussed the possibility of having a photographer at the event. Tricia to contact Laura Chen


Nexus Networking – 9th November. Need a minimum of 20, only 7 have signed up so far. Tricia and Jane to remind the committee, send out a newsletter reminder, contact Dundee and Perth Chambers and BNI and boost a post on Facebook.  Jane Rennie to run this at Gloagburn

Breakfast Network –  

Olivia provided feedback from this mornings network.

Fri 23rd Nov – Venue – Blend café. Leigh Smith to be asked to do a hotspot. Olivia has messaged her.

There was a discussion around changing the venue for these events in 2019 and the decision was taken to go to the Broxden Costa from January.

2019 dates for Breakfast Networking: Monday 21st January, Friday 22nd February, Monday 25th March, Friday 26th April, Monday 20th May, Friday 21st June Claire to book space at Costa

Wine Down – 12th Dec, Jane and Georgina to facilitate

2019 dates: Thursday 7th Feb, Thursday 9th May Claire to book Graysons

Striving for Excellence

New Chief Exec of PKC – Karen Reid – postponed till 2019  Tricia to action

Other speakers to be approached:

Molke Olivia to contact for 7th March

Gin Bothy – Tricia has contacted, but no reply so far

2019 dates: Tuesday 11th June, Thursday 5th September, Tuesday 26th November


Festive Fair/Fashion Show – 5th December. Venue Craigie Hill Golf Club

Stall Holders so far:

Integro – yes, they are also running the fashion show

Stella and Dot – yes

Genna Dall, Arbonne – yes

Partylite Candles, Shona Condie – yes

Olivia Pardoe cupcakes – yes

Georgina’s Mum wreaths – yes

Wicked Chocolates – Olivia to contact

Gill Holmes, Tropic Skincare – Jane to contact

Silver Linings – Jane to contact

Charlie Taylor – Debbie to contact

Pottery seller – Caroline to contact

Fliers to promote the event – Jane to Action

PR for fashion show – Tricia to action

Raffle Prizes – Debbie  to co-ordinate this.  

Committee to bring raffle prizes also.

Envelopes for Raffle to be organized for £20 and £10 (Gold and Silver)


Perth Autism – 2 board members will be attending the Festive Fair

Archie Foundation – a big cheque to be organized and publicity when handing this over. Action – Olivia Pardoe and Tricia Fox


Olivia is in the process following up the latest new members.


ASB – all committee to remind members to complete their ASB profile. The code for this is on the PBN website.

Jane and Debbie are attending the President’s dinner and AGM this weekend.

Membership renewals – Livvy has been through the list and sorted all the dates. Jane to pass this info onto Tricia to put onto the website so that automatic reminders can be generated.

Constitution – changing the constitution to reduce the number required for a quorum from 5 to 3. Debbie has this in hand

Accounts – An email has been sent to Sandra at Finlaysons re changing to Quickbooks. No reply received so far. Jane to email again

We discussed organizing an online speed networking event using Zoom on Monday 11th February 2019, 12 till 1.30pm Jane to organise

Date of next meeting: Monday 3rd Dec 2018 @ 5.30pm

                                    Venue – TBA

                                     Friday 4th Jan 2019 @ 12.30pm

                                     Venue – TBA

PBN Committee Meeting Minutes

August 30th, 2018



Jane Rennie, Olivia Robertson, Caroline MacKintosh, Claire MacFarlane, Tricia Fox, Olivia Pardoe, Debbie Fellows

Georgina Coleman

1.   Chair’s Report

2.   Treasurer’s Report

  • Bank update: LP brought along forms and will arrange for DF and CM to be added as a signatories.  Action: LP to return signatory form to Bank of Scotland.
  • LP confirmed that she will resign from the Committee from 1st October, ensuring that CM has everything up to date before handover.  CM will be appointed as interim Treasurer in advance of 2019 AGM. Action: LP to update records and handover to CM during September

3.   Events

  • Learning Lunches:
    • How to do an Elevator Pitch – October Action: GC to host
    • Social Media  – November, John Fellows (date to be advised) Action: DF to propose dates 
    • How to Enter Awards – November Action: Postponed. TF to decide on later date and propose at next mtg.
  • Networking
    • Nexus Networking – 9th November, Action: JR to run this at Gloagburn
    • Breakfast Network –  Fri 28th Sept, at Chesters in St John Street in conjunction with WOW. Action: CM to cancel Blend, TF to confirm venue & contact Nicki Martin re WOW co-hosting
    • Mon 29th Oct, Fri 23rd Nov – Venue – Blend café. Leigh Smith to be asked to do a hotspot. Action: OR to contact 
  • Wine Down – Date confirmed as 12th Dec. Action: JR & GC to host
  • Striving for Excellence
    • Crafting an Elevator Pitch – Date confirmed as18th Oct. Action: GC to host
    • New Chief Exec of PKC – postponed till 2019 as not in post yet. Action: TF to contact 
    • Other speakers to be approached:
      • Molke – Action: OR to contact 
      • Gin Bothy – Action: TF to contact 
  • Fundraising
    • Festive Fair/Fashion Show – 5th December. Venue not yet confirmed. Action: GC to confirm booking.  The following to be invited to have a stand:
      • Integro
      • Stella and Dot – confirmed
      • Genna Dall, Arbonne – Action: JR to contact 
      • Partylite Candles
      • Taystful Chocolates – Action: OR to contact 
      • Wicked Chocolates
      • Sarah Halliday, artist – Action: OR to contact 
      • Gill Holmes, Tropic Skincare – Action: JR to contact 
      • Silver Linings – Action: JR to contact 
      • Charlie Taylor – Action: DF to contact 
    • Raffle Prizes to be sourced by the committee. Envelopes for Raffle to be organized for £20 and £10 (Gold and Silver) Action: ALL

4.   Charity

  • Perth Autism. No-one has been contacted yet. Action: DF to email Ross McGregor and copy Jane in.
  • Archie Foundation – a big cheque to be organized and publicity when handing this over. Action: TF & OP

5.   Membership

  • Clare Dodds – has still not joined. Action: JR to contact 
  • Kelly Bruce – new member Action: OR to contact 

6.   ASB Awards

  • 21st September, Apex City Quay. A bus is to be arranged from Perth for Thorntons, Volpa, PBN and Nicky Martin. Action: TF
  • Consideration was given to inviting members to make up the numbers for the PBN table. Action: TF on website, JR on social media & Mailchimp

7.   A.O.B

  • ASB website – Jane has been contact by ASB Affiliate Liaison (Marie Smith) who has requested that all the CMs need to join ASB and have an update profile linked to the PBN Group page. A code is required for free access to PBN members and Jane is to get this and send it out to the committee. Action: JR to find code and update PBN Group page on ASB website.
  • PBN website – a general reminder for members to complete their profile on the website is to be included in the next newsletter. Action: TF
  • Constitution – changing the constitution to reduce the number required for a quorum from 5 to 3. Action: DF to investigate
  • Accounts – it was agreed that we move to using QuickBooks. This will automate many of the labour intensive tasks the Treasurer performs and can be linked to our website. Jane will email Sandra at Finlaysons to inform her, giving her the opportunity to withdraw as our Accountants at next AGM. Action: JR 
  • Roles – the committee discussed the sharing out of roles as currently the workload falls largely on TF and JR (admin, marketing, social media etc..). The following was proposed:
    • Organising Events – GC
    • Running the event on the night – shared round the committee
    • Membership (welcome, engage, retain) – OR (LP to give membership renewal dates to OR)
    • Communications:
      • Promoting events – TF
      • Mailchimp – TF
      • Facebook – CMcF
      • Twitter – DF
      • Updating PBN website and checking ASB – JR
      • Financial – invoices, memberships, banking, paying in/out – CMack
      • Minutes posted on Basecamp for JR to upload to website – OR/JR
  • Three more committee members are required Action: TF to appeal on Mailchimp/JR to post on Social Media


Meeting closed at 19:40

Next meeting: Thursday 27th September, 17:30, Venue TBA



PBN Committee Meeting Minutes

There was not a Quorum, therefore the members present had a general discussion.

April 27, 2018



Jane Rennie, Debbie Fellows, Olivia Robertson, Georgina Coleman

Tricia Fox, Livvy Pardoe, Claire MacFarlane, Caroline MacKintosh


The following learning lunches were proposed:

  • Personality Profiling – 25thMay, Jane Rennie to facilitate
  • How to do an Elevator Pitch – 28thJune, Georgina Coleman
  • Social Media  – September, John Fellows (date to be advised)
  • How to Enter Awards – November, Tricia Fox (date to be advised)
  • Website/Social Media


  • Nexus Networking – 11thJune 8am, Jane Rennie to run this
    • Jane explained how Nexus Networking worked – each participant has a lanyard with a jigsaw piece padlocked inside a key and a list of questions. Participants circulate, get their questions answered and try to unlock each other’s padlocks.
  • Breakfast Network – 20thAugust, Olivia to facilitate
  • Wine Down – 25thJuly, Jane and Georgina to facilitate


  • Christmas Shopping Night – 1stweek December at Craigie Hill Golf Club. The following to be invited to have a stand:
    • Integro – Jane to contact
    • Stella and Dot – Jane to contact
    • Genna Dall, Arbonne – Jane to contact
    • Partylite Candles – Debbie to find contact
    • Taystful Chocolates – Olivia to contact
    • Wicked Chocolates – Olivia to contact
    • Sarah Halliday, artist – Olivia to contact

Striving for Excellence

  • Proposed speakers are: GP at Perth Prison, Georgina to contact for dates. Jeanette Scott, Jane to contact for dates. Charlie Taylor, Debbie to contact for dates. Leigh Smith, Olivia to contact for dates.


  • 4 Charities have been suggested for this year –
    • The Inspiration Orchestra, CLIC Sargent, Vision PK, Perth and Kinross ADHD support group.
    • A survey monkey is to be circulated to members and an article in the newsletter to be completed.
  • Archie Foundation – a big cheque to organized and publicity when handing this over (Tricia)

ASB Unstoppable Women Conference

  • Georgina & Jane to co-host the stand at this event, 2 tickets will be paid for by PBN


Meeting closed at 14:00pm

Next meeting: June 1, 2018; 18.00pm; TBC Perth.



In accordance with our Constitution, the Draft AGM Minutes are posted for members to view.  They will be approved at the 2019 AGM.


Perthshire Businesswomen’s Network

Annual General Meeting Minutes

Monday 16th April at Graysons Wine Cafe, Perth


Apologies: Tricia Fox, Alison Lowson, Caroline Mackintosh

  1. Minutes of Previous Meeting

Minutes of the 2017 AGM were approved – proposed by Debbie Fellows and seconded by Olivia Robertson. Jane Rennie mentioned that these minutes are available to view on the PBN website

  1. Matters Arising

There were no matters arising from the 2017 Minutes.

  1. Chair’s Report

Jane Rennie thanked everyone for coming along to the meeting and AGM.  She also thanked the incumbent Committee and expressed her appreciation for the hard work and effort put in throughout the year.

Jane then picked up on two areas of concern:

  • Membership numbers– membership has increased by 12-13 since last year and now stands at 57. Despite a determined Committee, active social media presence, rebranding etc, Jane noted that numbers were disappointing and that PBN’s focus for the coming year is to continue to increase the membership by engaging with local business women and working to be more visible
    • The annual membership fees would remain at the same rate as the previous year.


  • Member Engagement– Jane outlined the difficulties that the Committee has had over the past year, with getting members to engage in events. Two surveys were emailed out asking the membership what activities and events they want from PBN, but there was a poor response. As a result, it has been difficult to gauge what we needs to be done.


Jane pointed out that it wasn’t all ‘doom and gloom’ and that there had been some really positive steps made last year, our 20thAnniversary Year.


  • Website redesign – the greatest achievement of the year was the rebranding of PBN, including new logo, and the redesign of the website. Jane paid special thanks go to Tricia Fox for the hours of work put in to get it up and running and for the training given to the Committee.

o  Social Media & PRJane also thanked Alison Lowson from Volpa for her tremendous efforts in getting some fabulous PR and publicity for PBN through local press and social media.

o  The new website was launched at the 20th Anniversary party held in December and new business cards and pop-up banners were unveiled.


  • Events– the focus for events was “putting the Business back into PBN”.
    • Striving for Excellence– 4 successful events were held during the year, with speakers such as Oli Norman from Itison, Helen Smout from Culture PK, Iain Hutchison from Merlin ERD, and our own Tricia Fox. The most successful event in terms of attendance was a collaboration with Business Gateway to host ‘The Big Business Breakfast’ with Chris van der Kuyl as the keynote speaker.  The event was very well attended at Perth Racecourse.
    • Learning & Development– the Committee will be schedule a series of short, learning opportunities for members to attend. Topics are welcomed from members.
    • Monthly Networking– Breakfast Networking at Blend Café in Perth, continues to be popular as is the quarterly Wine-Down at Grayson’s Wine Cafe.

Jane has written to all of the last years speakers to thank them for their time.

  • Charity of the Year – TBC following an online poll. This will be discussed at the next Committee Meeting


  • Committee Members– Jane finished by informing members that during the year, 2 new Committee Members were co-opted:

o  Georgina Coleman agreed to become our Events Planner  and had already begun work sourcing a selection of different venues, potential speakers etc

o  Caroline Mackintosh agreed to assist the Treasurer.

o  Alison Lowson and Livvy Pardoe have resigned from the Committee, although Livvy will continue as a co-opted acting Treasurer until Caroline Mackintosh returns from maternity leave in June.  Jane thanked both of them for their support over the year.


  1. Treasurer’s Report

Livvy Pardoe thanked Sandra Paterson from Finlaysons for preparing the accounts.  She then summarized the financial statement for the year and passed around to members to read:

  • PBN made a loss for the year, however this was primarily due to a double charity donation, one of which was not accounted for in the 2016/17 accounts.
  • There have also been substantial costs associated with rebranding; hosting and redesigning the website, including design work for the logos, pop-up banners and business cards.
  • The decision to reduce Membership Fees to increase membership was a long-term strategy, although initially it has contributed to the loss.
  • There were no outsourced administrator fees as committee members have taken the tasks on. Outsourcing some of the admin tasks on an ad hoc basis to ease the burden on the Committee was considered.
  • Free events will continue as before, mixed with paid events.
  • There was a general discussion around what charges would be acceptable for paid events and what members would be willing to pay. Opening up some of the events to men was also discussed and it was agreed that there is an ongoing need for strong women speakers to act as a draw.
  • As a comparison, it was pointed out, that PBN currently have more members than other affiliate group – Dundee’s Women Ahead, for example – and put on more events than they do.



  1. Appointment of Accountants

Finlaysons confirmed that they were happy to continue as Accountants and Auditors for 2018/19.

  1. Election of Committee

Jane read out the names with Proposer and Seconder for the nominations.  Whilst only 4 positions hold mandatory titles, other Committee Members had taken on key roles and areas of responsibility.  The newly elected Committee are:

–       Jane Rennie – President*

–       Debbie Fellows – Vice-President & Membership Liaison

–       Caroline Mackintosh – Treasurer

–       Olivia Robertson – Minutes Secretary


–       Tricia Fox – PR, Social Media, Digital Marketing

–       Georgina Coleman – Events Planner

–       Claire MacFarlane – Social Events

–       Livvy Pardoe (co-opted Acting Treasurer)

*see AOB for designation motion.


  1. AOB
  • ASB– Jane informed members that during the year, ASB had made changes to their structure and a new Affiliate Liaison Officer (Louise Medve) had been elected. There is now a Presidents Club private group on Facebook, however it was noted that Louise had yet to get in touch with Olivia Robertson, the PBN point of contact. Jane will raise this with Louise and Wendy Maltman.  It was noted that higher ASB fees had become a problem for some affiliate groups. Jane will also raise this concern and gain clarify around financial expectations.
  • The Unstoppable WomenASB Annual Conference is being held at Perth Theatre, keynote speaker is Judy Murray and tickets are on sale now.
  • Designation of Committee Members– Jane Rennie proposed a change to the Constitution to bring PBN in line with ASB and other affiliates – instead of Chair and Vice Chair, the Committee designations are to be changed to President and Vice President. All attending the meeting were in favour and the motion was passed.Debbie Fellows will draft a revised Constitution for approval at the next AGM.

Meeting closed at 7.35pm.