About PBN

About PBN

Perthshire Businesswomen’s Network is on a mission: “To empower women in Perthshire to realise their potential”.

We do this by connecting women locally and nationally, inspiring and supporting, helping and nurturing, celebrating and lifting each other up. We recognise that there are many different stages in a woman’s life where she may need support with her work life and we can help in several ways:

Early days: We aim to ignite the confidence in young women in education to help them dream big through our programme for schools and Perth UHI.

Getting work ready: we inspire young women entering the workplace through mentoring and advice.

Starting a business: we can help celebrate and promote your business, signpost you to resources for training, and offer advice and support for the decisions you have to make.

Running a business: we champion the go-getters breaking through the glass ceiling and act as a voice for women dealing with all that comes of a life in business.

Mental and physical health & wellbeing: we know nurturing ourselves and those around is important and we offer ideas, information and opportunities to practise this.

Women after work: when the working day ends we connect for self-development, and of course for fun times! We also make time to give back to the community through volunteering and charity initiatives.

Although times have changed many ways since PBN was first established in 1997, many of the issues facing women in business haven’t gone away. By coming together as a force for good, we can all learn from and benefit each other. Whether you are a student or self-employed, a small business owner or an employee in a local or national business, retiring or just starting out, the chances are that someone in our network has gone through something you’re facing, so it makes sense to connect and get some support, right?

Come along to our next event and find out how our friendly group can help empower you to realise your potential! We can’t wait to meet you…

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