PBN Committee Meeting Minutes

Monday 9th August 2021
Zoom Video Conference
Present: Donna Bednarek, Rebecca Ellwood, Debbie Hutchison, Pauline Lockhart, Megan Mailer Apologies: Jan Deegan

Minutes to be available as soon as possible after meeting so action points can be acted upon as quickly as possible.

DH – read through the last minutes. No minutes were to be amended and only a small number of action points carried forward.

Chair’s Report

DH reconfirmed Edinburgh Business Womens book club 12-1pm Wednesday 8th September – get the book. Hold the date.

‘Building a Story Brand’ by Donald Miller is available on Audible and in paperback and hardback on Amazon, World of Books and many other websites.

Email to book your place
ASB Awards – we are finalists! We are in the final with Moray and Edinburgh.

Possible venue for the afternoon tea event is Parklands Hotel on Sunday 26th September 2021. All members of the committee invited to attend.

PL unable to attend.
Invitations will be given to other Perthshire Businesses who are in the final for their categories – Jane Rennie and three colleagues, The Extraordinary Training Company
Wendy Maltman, The Malting House (Debbie Hutchison will already be in attendance with PBN) Karen Nichol and colleague, The Skills Collective
An invitation will also be extended to Ann Johnson, Vice President ASB
These guests will be hosted by PBN.

Iris Magazine – DH advised that PBN were offered to write an article for Iris Magazine. DH asked Karen Nichol from The Skills Collective if she would like to contribute to the magazine. She has written an excellent article on ‘The Value of Networking in a Different World’. View article here (its on p 98)

PBN could contribute regularly to this magazine.
Womens Business Station have agreed to offer all PBN members a 10% discount on their events. Discussion was had on membership discounts for PBN members with WBS and vice versa.

The joint initiative with WBS went well on Friday 30th July. There were 7 people and 4 dogs and some great networking.

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Social PBN meeting to be had on Monday 23rd August at Brown and Blacks.

Membership Report

PL and MM had a zoom meeting to discuss the splitting of tasks for memberships new and existing.

MM has sent to Dropbox the list of members and their details. Also sent all other documents required.

MM to continue with the technical aspects of new and current members and PL to take over other communications.

Phone calls to be made to all current members. Discussion around Members Directory discount scheme. This could be another joint initiative with Womens Business Station.

First phone calls to be made on Friday 13th August.
Shama Rafiq and 2 other new members have joined. Total numbers to be given when Paypal resolved.

MM and PL advised their zoom call with Shroders had gone well and they had given Shroders information on ASB and the Edinburgh Affiliate Group and discounted membership rate.

Payment for membership still to be made by Shroders.

Issues with Paypal were raised by RE. Membership fees and payments can’t be checked until this is resolved. Discussions to be had with Jane Rennie.

Treasurers Report

See above in membership for issues with Paypal.

Starling bank £708.56

VOLPA invoice and ASB fees only outgoings this month.

RE has researched Gannochy Funding, closing date in August? PBN can possibly apply. Criteria required.

Lottery Funding needed to be a charity.

Comms/Marketing Report

MM has been in touch with Ian Fenwick and Perth Local Group happy to support PBN posts. MM has regularly been updating socials and website.

Press Release – now is the time to issue a Press Release with PBN being in the final of the ASB awards. Press coverage hoped for by PA, The Courier, local digital press

Events update:

Final Friday event to be had on Friday 27th August at 8am-9am at Café Mhor. Coffee and scone or biscuit price to be agreed. Price to be paid to Café Mhor with the rest returning to PBN funds.

Information to be put out to PBN members and non members as soon as is possible re pricing, ticket purchase etc.