PBN Committee Meeting Minutes

Monday 12th July 2021, 8-9pm

Zoom Video Conference

Present: Donna Bednarek, Rebecca Ellwood, Debbie Hutchison, Pauline Lockhart, Megan Mailer

Apologies: Jan Deegan

Minutes of previous meeting: discussed the holding of minutes, actions and placing minutes on PBN Dropbox. Minutes to be available as soon as possible after meeting so action points can be acted upon as quickly as possible.

DH – read through the last minutes. No minutes were to be amended and some action points carried  forward.

Chair’s report:

DH confirmed Edinburgh Business Womens book club 12-1pm Wednesday 8th September – get the book. Hold the date.

‘Building a Story Brand’ by Donald Miller is available on Audible and in paperback and hardback on Amazon, World of Books and many other websites.

DH thanked Rebecca thanked for all her hard work with the ASB application award – RE thanked all those who contributed and especially DB for collating the video content and producing it.

ASB awards: local event planned for Sept 26th 2021 – DH updated committee re Jane Rennie’s entry being made without going through due process with the committee. This entry had to be disqualified by ASB President .

Afternoon tea at possibly Parklands still proposed for the virtual ASB awards.

Shama Rafiq contacted DH – she owns a gym on South Street, ‘50 Shapes of Fitness’ and is looking for ways to boost her numbers through the door. She is thinking of joining PBN and hoping to encourage members to attend classes and gym. She is potentially signing up to PBN and has suggested PBN committee go for ‘day out’ to gym!

Susan Chalmers  – self – defence classes. Monday/Tuesday/Friday evenings she can do. One Evening after work in late August outdoors at the North Inch a self-defence class for members. Potential joint event with Womens Business Station.

Womens Business Station (WBS) meeting – Wednesday 14th July meet with Nae Limits Owner and Mentoring Coach (WBS) Kate Mason to discuss joint initiatives, funding and events. Kate will try to have the inaugural joint ‘netwalking’ initiative on 30th July. Kate will attend and can meet committee  and attending PBN members.

Membership update

DH/PL met with Karen Nicholson regarding working with PBN to develop Corporate Membership. Successful meeting and Karen is more than happy to do this. Further meetings to be had.

Information and system of membership to be passed over to PL from MM.

Phone calls to be made to all current members once there is a full list of events. Discussion around Members Directory discount scheme. This could be another joint initiative with Womens Business Station.

DH advised her zoom call with Shroders had been very successful and they were keen to take out a corporate membership. They would like someone from PBN to meet their local lady. Samantha Evans. PL to meet Samantha Evans on zoom Thursday 22nd July. DH copy email to PL and MM. Teams invite to be sent.

Treasurers Report:

RE updated the committee that as of the 12th July Starlings balance is £802.40 as at today and Paypals balance is £1572.81.

Money in £77 membership fees.

RE advised that she had attended the Perthshire Womens Collective Event and had found it very interesting. No opportunity to discuss funding was available but RE will carry forward action to look into grant funding.

Comms/marketing plans:

MM advised Robin who will be taking photographs for PBN is looking for a brief.

Dates for committee meetings to be confirmed into the calendar as 8pm second Monday each month. This will be set up as a recurring meeting on zoom.

Facebook pages PL to be added to the admin.

MM advised she had contacted Ian Fenwick, Perth Local Group on Facebook and they are happy to post PBN events on website and socials

Events update:

Discussion was had to get all dates for year listed on website and for diary planning.

Discussion re keeping monthly meetings on Zoom on 2nd Monday of month, 8-9pm

Social committee get togethers in person meeting every quarter for a social catch up/brainstorm – first one August 23rd 2021. To be held at PBN member, possibly La Sicilyana Scone.

DB suggested charity event to be on Sunday 28 November, ticketed charity lunch, open applications at start of October and close end October. Shortlist at November committee meeting. Parklands to be booked provisionally?

Friday 30th July – walk round the North Inch, PBN ‘netwalking’, go out on facebook

DB suggested as there is a lot going on that her story telling session on the 14th July be kept on hold for the time being.

DB suggested having PBN Flyers printed and given to committee members for ease when chatting PBN out and about.

MM social media ‘How to target your ideal audience on facebook advertising’ – to go ahead on Wednesday 11th August 12pm-1pm on zoom. This will be advertised on Facebook and on the Website.

Crieff High School – DH meeting Laura Fraser in November, further discussion on taking the PBN committee members to give talks on their ‘journeys’ and possible mentoring #nowrongpath


  • MM PBN Dropbox access for those without Dropbox account. ALL to advise MM of their requirements.
  • ALL – read or listen to book ‘Building a Story Brand’ before 8th
  • DH to contact Parklands Hotel about a potential afternoon tea on Sept 26th. Also ask re venue for Charity Event.
  • DH to contact Lynsey at ASB regarding contacting Jane Rennie about disqualified application and the required process for future entry.
  • DH/PL to speak with Shama Rafiq re PBN membership.
  • DH to speak further with Susan Chalmers and request an outdoor self-defence class, early evening in late August on the North Inch.
  • DH/PL to meet with Kate Mason from Womens Business Station for further discussion on Wednesday 25th August at Creative Exchange Perth.
  • PL/MM to arrange zoom call on Thursday 22nd July to discuss membership and what it entails.
  • PL to arrange follow up meeting with Karen Nicholson in Comrie, after meeting with MM.
  • PL/DH/MM to look at outline script for phone discussion with members.
  • PL/MM to meet Samantha Evans on zoom Thursday 22nd DH copy email to PL and MM. Teams invite to be sent.
  • RE ask Isabel and other affiliate group treasurers re grant funding (Gannochy). RE to look into Perthshire Womens collective funding.
  • DH to call Robin regarding photographs and the brief.
  • MM going to create a recurring meeting on zoom for the committee meetings.
  • MM to speak further with Perth Local Group on Facebook re PBN events.
  • MM to set up PL on Facebook admin.
  • MM to change Final Friday networking event to ‘netwalking’ on Friday 30th July and to put it out on Facebook and website.
  • MM/DB update list of events on website
  • DH to phone La Sicilyana Scone to check they are open and can take our booking on Monday 23rd
  • DB to further outline proposal for PBN Charity Initiative and draft information to go out.
  • MM to put out her ‘Facebook Advertising for Small Businesses’ on Wednesday 11th August onto the PBN website for bookings.
  • JD – check with Dani at ASB re website, any progress.
  • JD – compile list of dates inc, PBN Committee meetings and face to face meetings, ASB awards and charity event.
  • MM – restarting newsletter and content calendar
  • ALL to like the PBN members pages on Social Media. List of PBN members and their businesses to be distributed by MM/PL.
  • DH to contact Adventure Circus re juggling or similar, this will also be in the script for phone chat with members PL/DH.
  • DB/MM/JD – look into having Business Flyers printed for easy distribution when committee members out and about.

Date of Next Meeting Monday 9th August at 8-9pm