Meeting reference: PBN Committee Meeting
Date and time:  Monday 15th March 2021 6:30pm
Location:  Zoom
Purpose:    Scheduled meeting

Present: Debbie Hutchison, Rebecca Ellwood, Jan Deegan, Donna Bednarek
Apologies: Megan Mailer
President welcome
February Minutes approved as true record.

Updates from Previous Actions:

DH- idea about the business book club floated out to Kate Bell from the Edinburgh group and she will take to the group – they sound keen. Keeping the book club for ASB affiliate groups only.
DH – continuing to try and get any communication from previous President regarding the bank situation.
RE – completed ASB paperwork.
RE – sent details on how to access PayPal account
RE- introduction been made between MM and Grace.

Actions to be carried Forward:

RE – end date for the website hosting
MM – to update membership list.

Strategy Meeting still to be set, topics for discussion to include:
1. Think of new phrases and values for website.
2. Marketing proposal for 2021
3. Each committee member do a wee introduction video of our day job, our own challenges that we face in business / life etc and our role within the committee.
4. ‘Week in the Life of’ a mash up of a Blog and Members Spotlight, 7 members to commit to a write up, led by Megan.
5. Boost exposure of new members that have joined in the last 4 months.
6. Explore the option for Margaret Cook to host a real event within the college, good as a recruitment drive for PBN.

Chairs report:

What’s App committee chat set up and is working well.
Continue with Zoom account on a month-by-month basis.
Looking at self-defence topic for community liaison officer or martial arts instructor.
Waiting for update from the last ASB meeting re Local Institute of Directors discounted membership.
New images created for future promotion.
ASB have offered to talk at our AGM

DH – upload new images with PBN letters
DH – share with JD the president email address to invite them to our AGM
MM- Update website with date and time PBN AGM + email all members with an RSVP invite.
MM- to check/ update the member ASB benefits in welcome letter and online.

Treasurers Report:
PayPal Balance £1293.00
Zoom £14.39 a month to continue with unanimous agreement.

Historical debit still outstanding to Volpa, however Volpa invoices are still coming in, latest £300 covering the period of December, January and February but not clear what for, perhaps for hosting fee? Updated statement now sitting at £2391.00. No clear paper trail for a contract between PBN and Volpa around the website. DH had previously made it clear in an email to Volpa that new work would have to be notified to our group to be authorised, no new instructions has been given. Estimates given from June 2020 to June 2021 have already exceed the indicate quote of £710.40 for a year.
Discussions around the benefits of our own independent website – approach ASB to discuss a micro site/ page piggy backing on theirs
New joint Starling account has been set up in place of the HSBC


RE + MM – to approach Kim at Volpa re the breakdown of the invoices, DH happy to continue to discuss with Trisha. Clarification needed going forward.
DH – to email JD the ASB website guru address to discuss further.
RE – pay expenses from current PayPal account.
RE – set up a new PayPal account linked to the Starling account, then transfer majority the old PayPal balance over (Zoom linked to old PayPal account). Small balance to be left until we are certain, DB very happy to help.
MM +Grace – Update members with new bank details


Final Friday zoom covered on March 26th 10:30 am. DH has been emailing certain individuals to remind.

JD – set up zoom link and share
DH – to discuss with MM about social media planning/ scheduling.

Creative Exchange would be a great space when we can meet up, realistically late summer. Ideas need to be around tables, work with more collaborative approach within the Perth business community.
Keep our energy for our face to face ‘come back’ and limit the Zoom meet ups to just the Final Fridays.
Committee to get together at Willowgate

JD – hold the coats at Willowgate and take pictures.
MM + Grace- to follow up AGM invite and on social media
DH – connect with previous speakers and new members with a personal reminder about AGM
DB – update Teams details

Meeting closed.

Next committee meeting to be held on Monday 12th April 2021 @ 6:30pm – Zoom