Meeting reference: PBN Committee Meeting
Date and time:  Monday 15th February 2021@ 6:30pm
Location:  Zoom
Purpose:    Scheduled meeting

Present: Debbie Hutchison, Megan Mailer, Rebecca Ellwood, Jan Deegan,
Apologies: Donna Bednarek

President welcome
December Minutes approved as true record.

Updates from Previous Actions:


Actions to be carried Forward:


Chairs report:

Date set for AGM to take place on Thursday 29th April 2021, 6:30pm on Zoom (25% of membership to attend)
‘Final Friday’ zoom event to stick at 10:30am, last attendance was 6.
Discussion of Fife affiliate group parting ASB and the implications it has on the Book Club.
ASB EGM date to be confirmed re voting of the change their constitution.

MM Update website with date and time PBN AGM + email all members with an RSVP invite.
DH to float the idea of the Book Club to include Edinburgh with Kate Bell (to take place in April time)
MM to check/ update the member ASB benefits in welcome letter and online.
DH to upload ASB docs to Teams.

Treasurers Report:
PayPal Balance £1200
Long debate over the Bank account issues still not being handed over from previous committee. Disappointment that we still can not move forward to get audited accounts for the 2021 AGM due to not having the relevant bank statements.
ASB standing charge of £100 + £4 per member (of which we have 41 as at January 2021).

RE to complete ASB paperwork for fees due for the year.
RE to give MM access to the PayPal account to cross reference membership payments, some refunds have been requested.
MM to try and update PayPal personal details.
DH contact last year’s president to push for the information and actions we need regarding the bank account.
MM to go into HSBC branch with ID
RE to check out Starling and Monzo online bank accounts as a back up plan if we can not get any further with HSBC
RE to find out end date of the hosting + licensing fees

RE sister Grace still keen to assist and support PBN whilst she is on furlough.
‘Week in the Life of’ a mash up of a Blog and Members Spotlight, 7 members to commit to a write up, led by Megan.
Boost exposure of new members that have joined in the last 4 months.

Strategy Meeting still to be set, topics for discussion to include:
Think of new phrases and values for website.
Marketing proposal for 2021
Each committee member do a wee introduction video of our day job, our own challenges that we face in business / life etc and our role within the committee.

MM to update membership list.
RE to introduce Grace to MM to be introduced to PBN and a list of contacts and ‘script’ for contacting current members with what plans we have and the benefits from PBN.


Explore the option for Margaret Cook to host a real event within the college, good as a recruitment drive for PBN.


Meeting closed.

Next committee meeting to be held on Monday 8th March 2021 @ 6:30pm – Zoom