Meeting reference: PBN Committee Meeting  

Date and time:  Monday 19th October 2020 @ 6:30pm   

Location:  Zoom   

Purpose:   Scheduled meeting   


Present: Debbie Hutchison, Megan Mailer, Rebecca Ellwood, Jan Deegan, Donna Bednarek     

Apologies: Monika Gostic


President welcome 

September Minutes approved as true record. 


Updates from Previous Actions:

DH to follow up to the initial reach out to Kate Bell (Edinburgh) 

DH to follow up to the initial reach out to Dollar lady

Dundee Gateway moved to October to speak rather than December

DH confirm principal to speak in January – on going conversation

RE to give reference to DH for HSBC

DH to try in person to complete ( RE to send DH reference / account number) 

MM to Zoom with Samantha from M.I.B about collaboration, Date to be confirmed.

Committee to share via our own pages to help promote once a week 

DH press release needs wording tweaked – different photo required

MM to post the Networking events on Website – on going



Actions to be carried Forward:

Think of new phrases and values, each committee member to bring 3 -5 values for next meeting. 

DH reach out to Laura from Whispers of the Past & Vegan Café about membership

RE Auchterarder lady about Will writing 

DB Linda from Murrays Bakers 

JD to ask Monika to speak with M.I.B about sharing our events and the Xmas Market details

MM to put a marketing proposal together and feed back to the committee. 

MM Discount code required from Kim 

MM to make the list of current members that are not engaged/active available on Team for the committee to chat to those who they know and remind them about how brilliant PBN is. 

MM to add affiliated group discounted membership option to PBN website

MM make mobile number a mandatory field on membership sign up sheet so we can follow up by text or phone call. 

DH to prompt ASB for updated benefits  



Chairs report: 

Membership survey shared with 6 feedback results, Posted on Teams. Networking opportunities being the main wish.

Omni Networking Perth has approached to ask us to share their new service, as no affiliation or membership held, we will do share once.

Ambitious month with events in September with 5 events, average of 7 attending each session.

December pull back on the events.



DH/MM Omni share

DH share board training on Teams


Treasurers Report: 

PayPal balance: £975.82

Volpa historic invoice of £800 ending 30th May 2020 to be paid via Bank of Scotland Account.

1st June to present an additional outstanding Volpa invoice of a further £506.80, looks like would be out with the quote given for the year of £710.40 for hosting and email and plug ins – requires further investigation.



RE chase payment for historic invoice of £800

RE to ask for a breakdown/ itemise for future invoices rather than ‘website development @ charity rate’ to see hosting fees, work that has been instructed for etc.

RE to find out when hosting fees finish (are we paying up front or arrears?) if support needed for call ask DH



Keep sharing events, comment as encourages engagement, especially on LinkedIn.



Each committee member do a wee introduction video of our day job, our own challenges that we face in business / life etc and our role within the committee.

PBN ‘presents’ 28th October details to be put on website

MM upload graphics on to Teams or add DH to Canva Account

All to take turns on ASB to share our events





ASB virtual events conference on 6th & 7th November, PBN slot on Saturday 7th at 12:30pm – 1:30pm. Topic is to launch our Book Club, format:


RE to talk about the benefits of Business Book Club and that PBN with Fife are going to launch our own book club.

MM to talk about ‘Miracle Morning’

DH book

DB to talk about ‘Eat That Frog’ small introduction as this is the 1st book for the club

JD to be the cheerleader in the background and reiterate the dates, how to join and when.

Change the format of PBN ‘after hours’ to more spontaneous zoom call with the link on the Facebook page, proposed by MM 2nd by JD



DH Contact Ann Johnstone to be lined up for January 29th ‘Final Friday’ Networking event

DH to speak with Jane from Fife about date for Book Club

Opening slide made for benefits of Book Club from DH article

Slide for ‘how to join’ book club

Discussion still required on how the book club will run (6 weeks from launch)

MM upload 4th November event with Lynn McMurray

DH to chase up the old flyers and roll banner


Meeting closed 


Next committee meeting to be held on Monday 9th November 2020 @ 6:30pm – Zoom