Meeting reference: PBN Committee Meeting
Date and time:  Monday 14th September 2020 @ 6:30pm
Location:  Zoom
Purpose:    Scheduled meeting

Present: Debbie Hutchison, Megan Mailer, Rebecca Ellwood, Jan Deegan, Donna Bednarek and Monika Gostic

Apologies: none

President welcome
New committee member joined Monika Gostic, Proposed by DB and 2nd by MM
July and August Minutes approved as true record.

Chairs report:

More positive feedback from members and potential members about the group.
ASB president and V.President virtual meeting was attended, good support and opportunities to link with other affiliate groups as we are all aiming for the same goal, business and networking doesn’t always happen on your own doorstep. Month of September PBN linked in with Dundee Woman’s Ahead for virtual events to support the group as they are working through a tough time.
Fife affiliate group keen to join the Business Book Club concept. ‘Eat that Frog’ voted as the 1st book, 2nd by MM. 3 committee members to read the book (MM, DB) and to be launched under the new resources tab on the website. Zoom section to follow up after a month
DH joined Highlands and Moray Networking group, good to make new connections. Encouraging committee to also reach out to other networking groups.

Website: update the ‘about’ section especially values and vision of our group. Show our strengths within the business networking community based in Perthshire. Mums In Business (M.I.B) have reached Perth and could be another platform that PBN could reach out to share our events.
LinkedIn platform to be utilised more, starting from the committee upwards.
Themes has really helped to develop each months networking events. Plan next 6 months themes, again using different affiliate groups.

October: ‘More Bang for your Buck’ Finance month. Stocks and shares Investment groups? Thorntons wealth management, Will writing, shares,

November: Stressless Christmas. Run the raffle. Craft fayres, members who have a side hustle that what the opportunity to sell their items
Creative Perth virtual market that PBN could attend

December: Get Ready for 2021. Goal setting. Reduced number of events. Then committee to recharge for a few weeks. Business Gat

January: Upskilling, UHI Principal to speak , new beginnings, education, Gateway
February: Time Management Trisha Fox and our MM to host a talk.
March: Marketing Month. Social media tips etc

Think of new phrases and values, each committee member to bring 3 -5 values for next meeting.
DH to upload to Teams the meaning behind values for branding
DB to reach out to Inch Investment group
DH to reach out to Kate Bell (Edinburgh)
DH to reach out to Dollar lady, MM to give DH details of current member Tanya Flynn
DH reach out to Laura from Whispers of the Past & Vegan Café about membership,
RE Auchterarder lady about Will writing
DB Linda from Murrays Bakers
DH ask Business Gateway Dundee contact if they would speak in December about help for start ups
DH confirm principal to speak in January
MM +DH book club with Fife Affiliates group to be launched, flash to be made

Treasurers Report:
Paypal balance £880. Stream of new membership fees coming in.
Bank account HSBC still in process. DH + MM waiting for signature sample. JD complete.
Invoices in £31.32 + £13.32 Volpa web development invoices over and above expected monthly fees, request an itemised invoice. Set a £50 threshold for any IT work before a signature of approval from a committee member to carry out task.
P&K outstanding invoice for a room hire, paid via Paypal.
Audited accounts still in process. Offer her a complimentary membership.

DH to try in person to complete ( RE to send DH reference / account number)

Members from different affiliated groups would be 50% reduction.
Event shares not being seen. Currently not paying for any boosts – look at a marketing budget.
Membership sitting at 49.
Still not the swell of membership to revert back to ‘members only’ events.
Look to develop how corporate membership attendance can count towards continuing business development. Really highlight the benefits. Use RE as a real case study for corporate membership benefits.
Buddy scheme to learn each others roles within the committee and act as back up.
Struggling to get new members to sigh up to ASB

Monika to speak with M.I.B about sharing our events
MM to put a marketing proposal together and feed back to the committee.
Committee to share via our own pages to help promote once a week
DH press release ready to go out
MM Discount code required from Kim
MM to make the list of current members that are not engaged/active available on Team for the committee to chat to those who they know and remind them about how brilliant PBN is.
MM make mobile number a mandatory field on membership sign up sheet so we can follow up by text or phone call. DH to assign task of following up members to eager apprentice
DH to prompt ASB for updated benefits

Low attendance for the After Hours networking events – stick with them until end December and re-evaluate.
Low but equally manageable.
Schedule certain meetings on set day of the week i.e. ‘midweek meet ups’ held on a Wednesday, with other events flexible throughout the month.
Host of all events to check with speaker that they are comfortable that it is recorded ( and attendees ) allows us to keep and reuse as a future resource, Proposed By DH, 2nd by MM.

DB update the events excel sheet for committee sign up for hosting events
MM to post the Networking events on Website

Meeting closed

Next committee meeting to be held on Monday 12th October 2020 @ 6:30pm – Zoom