Meeting reference: PBN Committee Meeting
Date and time: Monday 10th August @ 6:30pm
Location: Zoom
Purpose: Scheduled meeting

Present: Debbie Hutchison, Megan Mailer, Rebecca Ellwood, Jan Deegan and Donna Bednarek
Apologies: none

President welcome
Website is looking really good along with the networking sessions and new look. The welcome letter to the members, and press release are good to go. If we can individually pull in a new member this will start the boost of members.
Membership is sitting at 48.
The after hours event went well ( Integro ) 9 attended which allowed the freedom to ask questions. They defiantly have further presentations to deliver for future events.
ASB meeting for 28th August for president and vice presidents.
Spoken with Jane Banks for a collaboration with Fife – still to be arranged.
ASB recognising and praising our efforts.

Treasurers Report:
HSBC application has been processed. Emails coming from the bank to gather signatures.
No audited accounts yet, has been chased.
Last outstanding invoice for P&K Council, Jane has been contacted to be settled.

RE to check for receipt for Volpa paid invoice

Healthy share and reach with our posts, low engagement still.
Safari issue for online ticket purchasing – possibly an invoice coming our way from Kim
Different groups to share the events EGG Dundee, Fife, Edinburgh (especially as the next ‘Presents’ Fergus is based in Edinburgh) Glasgow Girls.
To utilise LinkedIn more, and for the committee to help share the events

MM to upload onto Teams the groups she currently shares our events too.
MM to share the events with the affiliate’s groups via Lindsay from ASB and also ask for a contact details for future shares.
MM to update website and membership option for those who are already members of another group to join PBN for a discounted rate.
Everyone to update what event they will host so MM can update the website via the Teams working excel doc.

Use the theme of Wellness month for September for a weekly event to be held on a Friday (Liz Gilmour could be approached)
Zoom events still the only way to connect with members.
M.I.B (mums in Business) franchise stretching into Perth. Worth looking into what they offer, and costs involved.
Time lapse with ASB promoting our events.
Membership is still not engaging with events so if we move events for members only, we would not have an audience.
Discount code that can be applied to a new member if they have paid for an event and then join PBN in a set timescale.
Take away tips and slides could only be shared with those who are members (benefit of membership)
Still need a bigger membership before we start charging.
Personalised individual emails can me sent even to those who have opted out of receiving email updates if we feel the information, we are sharing with the individual would be of interest to them.
Ask the speakers if they have any special offers that could be offered to our members, good incentive.
New proposal from DH to gift a complementary membership to speakers to become a PBN ambassador.
(Rowan Consultancy as the 1st). 2nd by MM. To be discussed on a monthly basis,
Suggested donation of £5 for September events for the Walled Garden Charity,– every donation will give a free entry into the prize draw fund. Networking event could be about what individuals got from the September events and announce the winners.

DH to approach Tricia for the prizes
DB to set up Just giving page for PKAVS for the sole use of Walled Garden – reach out to Janis from the Walled Garden to do a small video about their services.
DH & MM to mention at the 28th August meeting about the delay in ASB approving our events
MM to pull together a newsletter to compliment the events
Target to each bring in a new member or two each by the end of September.
MM to ask Kim for a discount code which can then be applied
As part of the hosting duties mention joining PBN
RE to approach Yoga lady
DB to push Fin into October
Encourage the speakers to do a 1 minute video to introduce their talk which can then be shared

Meeting Closed

Next committee meeting to be held in person on Monday 14th September