Meeting Minutes: 2nd June 2020

Meeting reference:PBN Committee Meeting 2020/01 

Date and time:  Tuesday 2nd June at 6.30pm 

Location:  Zoom 

Purpose:    Scheduled meeting 


Present: Debbie Hutchison, Megan Mailer, Rebecca Ellwood, Jan Deegan and Donna Bednarek 

Apologies: none 

Welcome from President thanks to the committee to being able to reschedule the meeting to new date as ASB wished to schedule an affiliates Zoom call with PBN on Monday 8th June 6:30pm. 

Minutes approved from previous committee meeting held 11/05/20 

Updates from previous Actions: 

AGM minutes edited and waiting for new website to be uploaded.  

Cost of £3 a member to become an ASB affiliate rising to £4 per member in 2021 – to be checked if 2019/2020 habeen paid in January 2020. RE no record seen as yet however might show on bank account to which we are still to gain access. 

Zoom month to month subscription to continue. 

All committee joined Teams to communicate and store PBN information. 


ACTIONS to be carried forward:  

Committee to carry on thinking about grants available and possibly look at Funding Scotland and MM to carry forward testing membership sign up on new website when all information has been finalised.  

Apply filters for non-profit/ woman in business etc. DH to ask Wendy. 


  1. Domain Name Proposal: 

Email address is lengthy, general discussion around changing as we affectionately call it PBN. Currently 2 domain names being paid for and .com to assist in SEO. If a change was to be made now is the time before the new website is launched. 

The .org would sit alongside the ethos of PBN.  

Cost of each of the email address annually is £56 both with a 25GB inbox capacity (info@ and treasurer@ maintained free of charge if any problems – current provider Trish from Volpa.)  The  president@ is free due to the capacity of the Inbox but with a realisation that this might need to be upgraded.  

Consideration that treasurer@ could either be a completely separate and from a free provider like Gmail/ Outlook but downgrading to 12GB inbox capacity per year. History would have to be saved by either uploading to cloud/ Mind Cast or onto new email address inbox. 

The main aim is to become more cost efficient and streamlined. 

DH proposed to change domain and emails to the most cost-efficient way for present committee and for future committees. 2nd by DB. 



MM to research and to revert to President and Treasurer for payment authorisation via PayPal for domain and emails.  

  1. Members Letter & Survey: 

Discount card / PBN discount could be offered by and to members as a benefit. Something that individuals could highlight in their bio on the new website members directory.   


DH Waiting for new email to be finalised before sending 

DH Survey to be tweaked and list the benefits rather than make them think. 

MM to update current new members welcome letter to include the discount offering promotion 

  1. Membership Fee Proposal: 

The diverse range of memberships will hopefully attractive key individuals that would be a great asset to future committee roles. Gives wider scope for marketing appeals to recruit new members.   

Member Rate – Currently £30 for 2 years for new business or £45 1 year 

2020 stay the same at £45 

Corporate Rate – Historically £80 for 6 guests  

2020 3 named members / or company profile    £120                

Student Rate-Current N/A 

2020 full/part time education registered with student email address/ site of ID      card £25. 

Retired Rate-Current N/A 

2020 No age or proof needed £25. 

Proposed by DH 2nd by JD 


RE to check if automatic renewals of previous membership rates can be stopped to allow new rates to be collected. 

MM to contact Kim to update website with new membership rates. 

  1. Treasurers Report: 

RE spoken with Jane for hand over. Names on bank account still taking time to coordinate even with continuous reminding. 

Set up a new bank account rather than waiting game, transfer the balance from current account to new on line bank account. New PayPal account made to link with new on line bank account with new email address. New Committees to follow this step as looks to be the easiest 

Proposed DB 2nd by DH. 

Audited accounts – after investigation nothing has been submitted to identified accountant from previous year. Given the lack of transparency important that previous years accounts are audited so new committee can confidently progress. 

QuickBooks invoices £14.40 every two months, current committee still no access given to this software. Not required 

Volpa Invoice for web development at charity rate, time was a gift. Charges to cover domains, plug ins etc. Annual maintenance for new website not in writing/ explained to current committee as no records found on proposal and agreements from previous committee. Grant support might be available for new website costs. 


DH to communicate with Tricia Volpa) cc in Jane and RE that authorisation for payment cannot be granted due to numerous unknown financial responsibilities put upon new committee. Payment plan to be put in place for outstanding Volpa invoice and press for a written estimate for annual maintenance of new website. 

RE to collect all paperwork sitting with Jane. 

RE apology to Fiona Fraser (identified accountant) that the new committee were under the impression that all the relevant documents were already handed over. Establish the terms of payment she was expecting to carry out auditing the accounts. Free membership can be given as payment. 

RE research on line bank accounts. 

DH on behalf of the committee to instruct Jane to close QuickBooks with a deadline attached. Jane to give current bank balance. 

Transfer current balance BEFORE closing current PayPal account then transfer into the new on line account.  

DH to get a comparable quote for hosting the website. 

  1. Marketing: 

Ian potter has offered to compile new committee photo for press release. 

DH has press release copy  


RE + DH to submit head shot 

JD and RE to update bio details for new website 

MM to send DB link to current bio  

MM to deliver Team tutorial to committee 

  1. Events: 

Presentation spots on the virtual platform to remain free of charge for a 6-month period then become a members benefit as currently not a wide enough audience – these terms not made public but just reflect current unprecedented times. Get engagement. 

DB to pick up reins for co ordinating, hosting and scheduling events. Access to info@ email, MM still to update website / social media. Rachel Weiss, Annette Welsh and shown interest. Cat lighting already scheduled for June. 

DB & DH presentation up their sleeves. 

Big ticket presentation would be Fin contact details via MM.  

DH has a business coach contact that PBN could tie in with Perth Chamber 

DB Charity initiative/ partnership for November time. 

Online auction for the previously unused raffle prizes funds for the Walled Garden to honour the past committee charity initiative.  

Current active membership 43. 


JD set up and email calendar invitation for future committee meetings via Zoom. 

DB & MM to talk separately about calendar of events. 

DB to arrange and alternative skill sharing and networking virtual Zoom events throughout the summer months. 2 a month, still on a free basis and open to everyone. 

Agenda point for next meeting is membership drive. 

DB to be made an admin to Facebook and to create the auction, any vouchers from a restaurant to confirm validation. 


Meeting closed 

Next virtual committee meeting to be held on Monday 13th July 2020 @ 6:30pm.