Meeting reference: PBN Committee Meeting
Date and time: Monday 13th July @ 6:30pm
Location: Zoom
Purpose: Scheduled meeting

Present: Debbie Hutchison, Megan Mailer, Rebecca Ellwood, Jan Deegan and Donna Bednarek
Apologies: none

Welcome from President, Delighted that we can still offer free online events, feedback from the talks really positive and engaging. Revisit some of the presentations due to the hosts rethinking how they would deliver (wine tasting). With a financial commitment then guests will appear.
DH to share with Perth Chambers the Scheduled event on 20th August to promote and get numbers.

ASB hosting various Zoom meetings and workshops covering different roles and responsibilities on the committee.

Explore Stirling as currently not an area that is represented that perhaps PBN could take under their wing? Positive feedback given from outsiders about the changes in PBN which is sparking new interest in the group.


Updates from previous Actions:
• All minutes to date upload and shared and filed on Teams.
• Wendy from Dundee’s Woman Ahead had shared information about ‘Rosa’ a Women’s Development Fund which issue grants, PBN could apply a using a quote given to us from Volpa which shows the running costs of the website ( around £700 a year). Highlighting the power of work that PBN does for women in business especially rural. DH to start with DB to look over for any additional information that she feels would add weight to the application.
• All payment authorisation and new domain and emails updated (currently on a divert as old domain pre-paid) .
• New membership fees on the website.
• Payment plan with Volpa set up with ease. Final amount payable now down to £800. Quote for a proposal for any costs going forward that we as the current committee and for future committees can then agree. Make this clearer and easier due to paper trail.
• Fiona Fraser (accountant) has all the relevant paperwork required to complete the set of audited accounts.
• Comparable quote not required due to Volpa’s revised proposal.

ACTIONS to be carried forward:
• Committee to carry on thinking about grants available and possibly look at Funding Scotland and MM to carry forward testing membership sign up on new website when all information has been finalised. Apply filters for non-profit/ woman in business etc. DH to ask Wendy.
• Welcome email and survey sitting ready to go out after website has been completed with committees’ details.
• New PayPal account/ bank account to be set up
• Historical paperwork still to be collected from Jane by RE
• RE to nudge Fiona Fraser for completion date of the audited accounts
• DH to close QuickBooks via Jane
• JD and RE to update bio details for new website
• Facebook auction still to be set up by DB

Treasurers Report:

RE sought advice and due to low income and non-charitable statues there is no need for PBN to produce audited accounts, can be complied our self.

RE proposed HSBC for the new bank account, good online access and they produce an audited summary report.
DB 2nd the proposal.
All agreed for RE to add our personal details to proceed with the bank account application.

Note: For grant applications we will have last years audited accounts and hopefully the report from the new bank will be sufficient evidence.

Focus on updating the committee’s profiles on the new website as priority task/action
Update website as old committee still on show
New login asked for Debbie to access has been arranged
Add PBN details to email signatures where appropriate – logo can be found on Teams.

MM to email DH with the head shot for press release use
MM to update committee via email with any relevant feedback from ASB meeting to be held 14th July.


DB working on calendar of events for the next few months. Bring in a rota for the different styles of zoom networking. Excel file to be accessible on Teams

Suggestion from September onwards that we would revert to events being for member only with a small number of ‘any one’s welcome’.
Historically members attended networking events for free, other events at a discounted rate. Non members fee proposing at £5 with a view that they will try before they sign up with a better idea that it would be for them. Discount code could be set up to refund the £5 payment if they sign up within a timescale.
Would have to be monitored when ‘in person’ event come back.
Still a place for Zoom networking and continue to offer with slowly adding face to face meetings – not in Costa! Use independent coffee shops.


DB Line Fin up for a September event

JD set up and email calendar invitation for future committee meetings via Zoom.
DB to produce a working Excel spreadsheet for future events with all committee to fill in what they can do.
DH to send MM details for the 20th August event
MM to ask ASB for ideas on how they recruited for new members

Meeting closed

Next committee meeting to be held on Monday 10th August 2020 @ 6:30pm – In Person