Meeting reference:PBN Committee Meeting 2020/01 

Date and time:  Monday 11 May at 6.30pm 

Location:  Zoom 

Purpose:    Scheduled meeting 

Present: Debbie Hutchison, Megan Mailer, Rebecca Ellwood and Jan Deegan 

Apologies: Donna Bednarek 

Welcome from President 

Minutes approved from previous informal committee meeting held 27/4/20 

Action: AGM minutes still to be edited, DH to contact Olivia to ask for these to be updated so MM can upload onto the website 

Chair report 

Virtual meetings looking to be welcomed 1st Zoom weekly meet up 12 attended with follow up support given. JD hosted on Friday 8th May at 10 am with 18 registered and 16 attendings. JD felt too many people on screen at once and did not allow for discussion on the topic ‘what is your business doing to get ready’. Encourage the committee to practise using break out room. Rule of thumb to use break out room with over 6 people registered for a topic as too many for constructive discussion but fine for networking alone. A large percentage of the registered interest is by non-members so hope that this will help boost membership. 


Group call for zoom to test the breakout rooms 

Treasures Report 

RE Still to meet with Jane to get the bank details and to go into the bank/ phone bank to start hand over. 

Quickbooks around £30 per month – all felt this was a large outgoing. From memory, the account was chosen because of Quickbooks but has not proven that end of year account any quicker and our financial movements are not that complicated to justify Quickbooks system. No account fee is paid to Fiona Fraser – current accountant. Consider other options for an accountant that would not incur the monthly fee. End of Year accounts promised midMay. 

DH Proposal for discretionary funds/ petty cash, 2nd by RE . Use an app to scan the receipt to RE treasure email with PBN petty Cash. 

Unpaid invoice £1502.28 to Volpa  ( possibly for press releases, domains) + £90 to Fiona Kerr Culture PK (possibly venue hire). Unsure if these invoices have been submitted to the accountant. 

Using Paypal to pay for Zoom and MM invoice. 



RE to follow up with Jane directly re bank. 

DH to send log in to RE for PayPal account, only updates required would be RE details verified with Paypal + change email address. 

RE to introduce herself to Fiona Fraserdiscuss Quickbooks and possibly dropping it, ask if she wants to continue doing the accounts and offer her membership in return. Check if outstanding invoices have reached her for the end of year accounts. 

MM giving RE access to login to the treasurer’s emails which have not been checked for 6 months. 

Discussion with Tricia about payment plan to Volpa and to discuss their services going forward including email addresses/ domains and establish a base cost. Yet to be assigned. 

Committee to think about any funds/ grants for us as a non-profit group.  


All agreed to explore using Microsoft Teams to communicate rather than accessing Basecamp via Tricia and Basecamp. Doublecheck the costs involved. 

Mobile numbers for the committee: 

Jan: 07729954050 

Megan: 07538504903 

Debbie: 07792600054 


Email address – currently: info@    treasurer@  . All agreed that president@ would be beneficial. 


MM to look into Teams and deliver the committee a tutorial. 

DB to be asked about sharing her mobile with the committee  

MM to confirm with Tricia the cost for the current emails addresses plus what the additional cost would be to add in the proposed 3rd one. 

Access given to the committee for the info@ account but to be mindful of how the emails are replied to as currently well managed already my MM 


New website shared during meeting so we could get a feel for it, fully editable by MM. Committee to each update own profile to show good practise to members and to encourage current members to do the same. Drive home the point about the valuable directory that will be shared/ accessed with our members and followers. 

Members both past and present to be addressed with updates via an email or post private address by post to including website, survey monkey/ introduce new committee, update membership and profile. Press release for digital and print in discussion between DH +MM to promote weekly catchups/ new website/ new committee/ vision for PBN, imagery to still be added. 


Membership to stick at £45 for Perth. Researched into different areas membership fees. Perth PBN corporate membership previously ditched due to technical difficulty in recording data via the websiteThe corporate could be manually inputted – all agreed that corporate membership should be reinstated to target employers and potentially raise event attendance.  

Junior and retired membership options in different areas – should we introduce? For later discussion in the next meeting. 



Committee to provide an updated profile for MM to upload to the new website.  

DH to draft a welcome/ update letter for member and past members over the next few weeks. 

DH to ask what the costs are involved to be an affiliate with A.S.B. 

MM to do a test ‘members sign up on the new website.  

Discussion needed to finalise membership fees before the website can go live and presidents letter sent. 


Committee Meeting to be held every 2nd Monday at 6:30 pm until further notice. 

Online zoom weekly meeting confirmed for the next 4 weeks with the offer of w/c 18th to be filled with presentation for 20 minutes and then general discussion. Each host will be responsible to set up the meeting and to forward the details so MM can share with registered interest might be worth having a cohost at each meeting. 

Skill sharing/presentation sessions to be found – Rachel Weiss & Annett Welsh shown interest (non-members) 

Worry that too many opportunities given away ‘free’ to non-members, where is the incentive for them to join the PBN. Currently, no outlay’s via virtual meetups and shows goodwill and traction. 

Further discussion needed about facetoface meetups and the £5 nonmember ticket (never purchased and where was the value for this). Location, incentive, signin sheet, value  

Future events access to Merlin’s garden at Cherrybank 


MM to invite Claire (non-member) from Cat Lighting to select a date from w/c 18th May and a time that suits for her presentation. 

DH Zoom login to be shared with the committee.  

Membership drive discussion for the next meeting. 

Next Committee meeting: 

8th June 6:30 pm to be held virtually