AGM Minutes: 30th April 2020


Thursday 30th April 2020 

Via Video Conferencing 



Present: Jane Rennie, Olivia Robertson, Tricia Fox, Megan Mailer, Tanya Ewing, Debbie Hutchison, Jan Deegan, Donna Bednarek, Jennifer McGregor, Rebecca Ellwood 


Apologies: Nicola Burke 


Welcome: Debbie welcomed everyone who had joined the video conference. 


Minutes of the last AGM:  

The draft minutes will be available to view on the PBN website until 14 May for comment, after which they will be accepted as true record. 


Matters Arising: There were no matters arising. 


President’s Report:  

PBN’s aim is to continue to increase the membership by engaging with local businesswomen and working to be more visible. 


Jane outlined the difficulties that the committee has had over the past year, with getting people to engage in events. This will be a challenge for the new committee going forward. 


Fewer events were arranged this last year, as attendance had dropped off.  However, the breakfast networking events are continuing to be popular. 


Jane praised the committee for their hard work and support and on the amount of money that PBN has raised for charity over the last few years. Jane was especially grateful to Tricia Fox outgoing vice-president and to Olivia Robertson  


Jane went on to say that the word ‘Business’ needs to be put back into PBN and that there have been problems attracting people to join who are not just business owners but business employees as well. 


One of the many challenges over the past year has been maintaining involvement from the whole committee so the work required is evenly distributed. 


Jane informed the group that she approached Debbie Hutchison to take over as President of PBN and that she is leaving the organization in good hands. 



Treasurer’s Report:  

There have been challenges in getting the accounts in time for the AGM.  This is because the accountant has been really busy helping businesses during the Covid-19 pandemic. However, the accounts will be published by the end of May and will be on the website to view. 


As of 15th April there is £2826.06 in the bank account and as of 29th April there is £429.84 in the Paypal account. 


The bank balance is required to be maintained above £2000.  


The changes of signatory to the bank account will need to be completed as soon as it possible to do so under the current lockdown. Currently, Jane Rennie, Debbie Fellows and Olivia Pardoe are signatories.  Jane will liaise with Debbie to arrange to complete the paperwork. 


ACTION: Jane Rennie to set up a meeting to meet Laura the Bank Manager and to email links for banking to Debbie & Rebecca 


The Paypal account will need to be changed. As Paypal must have a person mandated to run the account and not a business, the old account will need to be closed and a new account set up. 


ACTION: Rebecca Ellwood to set up a new Paypal account 




Election of Committee:  


Debbie Hutchison – President      

Proposed by – Jane Rennie   

Seconded by – Olivia Robertson 


Megan Mailer – Vice President 

Proposed by– Tricia Fox 

Seconded by– Jan Deegan 


Rebecca Ellwood  Treasurer 

Proposed by– Jane Rennie 

Seconded by– Donna Bednarek 


Jan Deegan – Minute Secretary 

Proposed by– Olivia Robertson 

Seconded by– Jane Rennie 


The new committee was approved, and the nomination forms will be filed. 



There are currently 38 members. Debbie is keen to have a membership drive and reaching a target of 40 members enables PBN to get some administrative support. 

Tricia, Jane and Olivia have business cards, postcards and banners to hand over as soon as possible. 



Debbie proposed the adoption of the new constitutionwhich was posted on the website before the meeting, and this was seconded by Tricia. 

Going forward it had been suggested by a member that the President can propose choosing the charity for BPN to support. But subject to approval by the committee. This was seconded by Debbie.  


There will be a membership drive and a member’s survey. She is keen to co-ordinate with other local business groups e.g. Women Ahead in Dundee to host joint events.  


Debbie is setting up a weekly virtual chat for members from next week and is keen to use social media to support members. 


Website – Tricia reported that this has now been simplified.  As a result, setting up a profile for a member will need to be done manually. Megan knows how to access it.  There is one domain name sitting with Jane, she will arrange to get this transferred over and Tricia is happy to set up others as required. 



AOCB: There was no other business and the meeting closed at 6.15pm 


Date of next AGM: Thursday 29th April 2021