Meeting Minutes: 11th July 2019

PBN Committee Meeting Minutes

Thursday 11th July 2019, Volpa Office, Perth

Present: Olivia Robertson, Georgina Coleman,Tricia Fox, Caroline Mackintosh, Rebecca Ellwood

Apologies: Donna Bednarek, Jane Rennie, Megan Mailer

Minutes of 23rd may were approved.

Matters Arising:

Only one person had booked for Breakfast Network at Blend and there were no walk ins this time.

The Striving for Excellence talk by Molke was excellent. Unfortunately the lunch was not so good – in spite of requesting, there were no gluten free or vegan options. Georgina has complained to the café.


Nothing new to add

2019 dates for Breakfast Networking:

Friday 23rd August – Blend Café – Georgina to host

Monday 16th Sept – Costa Broxden – Rebecca to host

Friday 18th October – Blend Café – Olivia to host

Monday 18th November – Costa Inveralmond – Olivia to host

Striving for Excellence

Thursday 5th September 5.30pm – Catriona McInnes – AK Bell library – Tricia to host

Tuesday 26th November 5.30pm – Karen Reid – AK Bell library

Speakers required for Feb 2020 and May/June 2020

Ideas put forward were:

Ewan Macgregor’s mother from Crieff

Amanda Millar from Perth – Caroline to contact her

Kim Cameron from the Gin Bothy – Georgina to contact her

Lady Mansfield from Scone Palace – Tricia to contact her

An Edinburgh based entrepreneur selling tights – Tricia to find her


The Garden Party idea has been scrapped in favour of an ‘online square raffle. Rebecca to get the information required to get this up and running

All committee are required to go out and find prizes.

Olivia will donate a weekend in one of her holiday cottages.


This year’s charity is to be the PKAVS walled garden


6 people have joined since the last committee meeting. This was down to Megan’s digital marketing campaign.

We still need a list of members to cross check the renewals – Megan to liaise with Jane re this

The committee felt that the ‘Business’ part of our name was old fashioned and needs to change. There was a discussion around this.

It was agreed that further discussion was needed and also research from each committee member prior to talking further.

Tricia to send round a Doodle poll for a date in July/August to take this idea further


Nothing to add, other than the committee felt that Megan is doing a great job.


Rebecca Ellwood who works at Thorntons to liaise with Debbie Fellows and get this completed as soon as possible

Treasurer’s Report

Caroline still does not have full access to the bank account.

Caroline to chase this up with Olivia Pardoe



Date of next meeting:

Thursday 12th September, 5.30 Venue Costa Broxden

Future Committee meeting dates for the diary:

Thursday 7th November, 5.30 Venue TBC

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