PBN Committee Meeting Minutes

January 16th, 2019

Present: Jane Rennie, Olivia Robertson, Georgina Coleman, Donna Bednarek, Tricia Fox
Apologies: Claire MacFarlane, Olivia Pardoe, Debbie Fellowes, Caroline Mackintosh
Note: Donna Bednarek was co-opted onto the committee. Proposed by Georgina Coleman, seconded by Tricia Fox

1. Matters Arising:


2. Events

Following a discussion by the committee members on organising events, it was decided, due to poor turnouts over the last few months that only 1 event per quarter will be arranged.

There will be no further wine downs.

The breakfast networking will continue monthly at the new venue of Costa Broxden.

2019 dates for Breakfast Networking:

  • Monday 21st January
  • Friday 22nd February
  • Monday 25th March
  • Friday 26th April
  • Monday 20th May
  • Friday 21st June

Claire to book space at Costa.

3. Fundraising


4. Membership

Currently, PBN has 51 members

Olivia is in the process following up the latest new members.

5. AGM

Thursday 18th April at The Bothy in Perth

6.30 – 7pm AGM

7 – 8pm Speaker – Karen MacInnes, editor of The Courier

1 course meal to be arranged

Further committee members are required

Nominations to be encouraged for this and for office bearers.

6. Admin

This continues to be difficult for all committee members to complete.

Tricia is to contact Megan Mailer to ask her if she would be able to carry out 2 hours of PBN admin tasks per week. Fee of £10 per hour to be offered, plus free membership of PBN.

Tricia to action

7. Constitution

Debbie has this in hand.

There has been no response to date from Sandra at Finlaysons. Jane is to email her again re PBN moving to Quickbooks.
Jane to action

8. Treasurer’s Report

There is £3979.70 in the bank account

The committee discussed whether we need to create a new account with Paypal. Jane is to contact Debbie to ask her to instruct Paypal to find a way round changing the administrator on the account.

£344.20 was raised for the charity at the fundraiser in December



10. Date of next meeting:

  • Wednesday 06th March, 5:30pm at Volpa Office in Perth

11. Future Committee meeting dates for the diary:

  • Wednesday 27th March, 6pm Volpa office in Perth
  • Wednesday 24th April, 6pm Volpa office in Perth
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