Committee Meeting Minutes – August 30th, 2018

PBN Committee Meeting Minutes

August 30th, 2018



Jane Rennie, Olivia Robertson, Caroline MacKintosh, Claire MacFarlane, Tricia Fox, Olivia Pardoe, Debbie Fellows

Georgina Coleman

1.   Chair’s Report

2.   Treasurer’s Report

  • Bank update: LP brought along forms and will arrange for DF and CM to be added as a signatories.  Action: LP to return signatory form to Bank of Scotland.
  • LP confirmed that she will resign from the Committee from 1st October, ensuring that CM has everything up to date before handover.  CM will be appointed as interim Treasurer in advance of 2019 AGM. Action: LP to update records and handover to CM during September

3.   Events

  • Learning Lunches:
    • How to do an Elevator Pitch – October Action: GC to host
    • Social Media  – November, John Fellows (date to be advised) Action: DF to propose dates 
    • How to Enter Awards – November Action: Postponed. TF to decide on later date and propose at next mtg.
  • Networking
    • Nexus Networking – 9th November, Action: JR to run this at Gloagburn
    • Breakfast Network –  Fri 28th Sept, at Chesters in St John Street in conjunction with WOW. Action: CM to cancel Blend, TF to confirm venue & contact Nicki Martin re WOW co-hosting
    • Mon 29th Oct, Fri 23rd Nov – Venue – Blend café. Leigh Smith to be asked to do a hotspot. Action: OR to contact 
  • Wine Down – Date confirmed as 12th Dec. Action: JR & GC to host
  • Striving for Excellence
    • Crafting an Elevator Pitch – Date confirmed as18th Oct. Action: GC to host
    • New Chief Exec of PKC – postponed till 2019 as not in post yet. Action: TF to contact 
    • Other speakers to be approached:
      • Molke – Action: OR to contact 
      • Gin Bothy – Action: TF to contact 
  • Fundraising
    • Festive Fair/Fashion Show – 5th December. Venue not yet confirmed. Action: GC to confirm booking.  The following to be invited to have a stand:
      • Integro
      • Stella and Dot – confirmed
      • Genna Dall, Arbonne – Action: JR to contact 
      • Partylite Candles
      • Taystful Chocolates – Action: OR to contact 
      • Wicked Chocolates
      • Sarah Halliday, artist – Action: OR to contact 
      • Gill Holmes, Tropic Skincare – Action: JR to contact 
      • Silver Linings – Action: JR to contact 
      • Charlie Taylor – Action: DF to contact 
    • Raffle Prizes to be sourced by the committee. Envelopes for Raffle to be organized for £20 and £10 (Gold and Silver) Action: ALL

4.   Charity

  • Perth Autism. No-one has been contacted yet. Action: DF to email Ross McGregor and copy Jane in.
  • Archie Foundation – a big cheque to be organized and publicity when handing this over. Action: TF & OP

5.   Membership

  • Clare Dodds – has still not joined. Action: JR to contact 
  • Kelly Bruce – new member Action: OR to contact 

6.   ASB Awards

  • 21st September, Apex City Quay. A bus is to be arranged from Perth for Thorntons, Volpa, PBN and Nicky Martin. Action: TF
  • Consideration was given to inviting members to make up the numbers for the PBN table. Action: TF on website, JR on social media & Mailchimp

7.   A.O.B

  • ASB website – Jane has been contact by ASB Affiliate Liaison (Marie Smith) who has requested that all the CMs need to join ASB and have an update profile linked to the PBN Group page. A code is required for free access to PBN members and Jane is to get this and send it out to the committee. Action: JR to find code and update PBN Group page on ASB website.
  • PBN website – a general reminder for members to complete their profile on the website is to be included in the next newsletter. Action: TF
  • Constitution – changing the constitution to reduce the number required for a quorum from 5 to 3. Action: DF to investigate
  • Accounts – it was agreed that we move to using QuickBooks. This will automate many of the labour intensive tasks the Treasurer performs and can be linked to our website. Jane will email Sandra at Finlaysons to inform her, giving her the opportunity to withdraw as our Accountants at next AGM. Action: JR 
  • Roles – the committee discussed the sharing out of roles as currently the workload falls largely on TF and JR (admin, marketing, social media etc..). The following was proposed:
    • Organising Events – GC
    • Running the event on the night – shared round the committee
    • Membership (welcome, engage, retain) – OR (LP to give membership renewal dates to OR)
    • Communications:
      • Promoting events – TF
      • Mailchimp – TF
      • Facebook – CMcF
      • Twitter – DF
      • Updating PBN website and checking ASB – JR
      • Financial – invoices, memberships, banking, paying in/out – CMack
      • Minutes posted on Basecamp for JR to upload to website – OR/JR
  • Three more committee members are required Action: TF to appeal on Mailchimp/JR to post on Social Media


Meeting closed at 19:40

Next meeting: Thursday 27th September, 17:30, Venue TBA



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