The Association of Scottish Businesswomen supports business and professional women throughout Scotland by providing opportunities to inspire, link and connect businesswomen in Scotland, building and strengthening relationships via our national events and through our affiliated groups.

Our 2018 “Unstoppable Women” conference will be held at the newly renovated Perth Theatre. Our inspirational keynote speakers, Judy Murray, International Tennis Coach, Suzanne Doyle Morris, InclusIQ Ltd, and panelists will be sharing their own experiences of building resilience and developing a strong mindset to overcome every challenge that we face as businesswomen.

With a choice of practical workshops for business owners and women at every stage in their career, the conference will give each delegate the opportunity and confidence to step up, both personally and professionally, in their career, life and business activities. There will be opportunities for business showcases and networking and to hear from real women about their experiences in their professional and business lives.

We’re delighted to be partnering with Scotland Can Do to deliver the Unstoppable Women Conference.

Scotland Can Do is our shared statement of intent towards becoming a world-leading entrepreneurial and innovative nation: a CAN DO place for business. This is based on the clear recognition that if we are to achieve sustainable economic growth, and create opportunities for everyone in Scotland to flourish, then we must work together to accelerate entrepreneurship and innovation across Scotland.

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10.00am Coffee, networking, exhibitions
10.30am Welcome
10.50am Opening Speaker – Suzanne Doyle-Morris, InclusIQ Ltd
11.15am Morning Workshops
12.00pm Networking Workshop Session
12.15pm Lunch, networking, exhibitions
13.15pm Panel Discussion with facilitator Amy Jackson, Oxtale
14.15pm Afternoon Workshops
15.00pm Coffee, networking, exhibitions
15.30pm Keynote Speaker and Q&A – Judy Murray OBE, International Tennis Coach
16.30pm Launch of the ASB National Business Awards with Allison Harrison
16.40pm Close

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ASB Member ticket £60

ASB Member ticket with showcase table £95 – Limited Availability

Reduced price ticket for young women £10 – Celebrating the Year of Young People. Limited Availability.
To qualify for this ticket you must be under 25 on the date of the conference.

Reduced price ticket for young women or businesses under 2 years old £45 – Limited Availability
To qualify for this ticket you must be under 25 on the date of the conference, or trading for less than two years on the date of the conference.

Non Member ticket including one year’s membership of ASB £80

Included in the ticket price, each delegate will receive a book from Keynote Speakers Judy Murray and Suzanne Doyle-Morris

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Keynote speakers
Judy Murray OBE – International Tennis Coach

A former Scottish international tennis player with 64 national titles to her name. She became Scottish National Coach in 1995, the same year that she became the first woman to pass the Lawn Tennis Association’s Performance Coach Award. She initiated the Scottish Development School programme which ultimately produced four Davis Cup players and one Fed Cup player, including her Grand-Slam-winning sons, Jamie and Andy. In 2011 Judy was appointed Captain of the British Fed Cup Team and used this role to grow the profile and numbers in women’s tennis across players and coaches. Judy has developed several tennis initiatives including Miss-Hits, a starter programme for girls age 5 to 8, Tennis on the Road, which takes tennis into remote and deprived parts of Scotland, and, most recently, She Rallies, a programme with the LTA, to encourage more women and girls into tennis across the UK.

Suzanne Doyle-Morris – InclusIQ

The Founder of InclusIQ Ltd. It was her experience leading Female Breadwinners, that made her increasingly convinced that it will take senior men, not just women, to achieve a fairer, more competitive and more enjoyable workplace for everyone. She routinely facilitates and leads sessions at a range of FTSE 100 companies. Suzanne received her Ph.D from the University of Cambridge, where she focused on the experiences of women working in male-dominated fields. She is author of Beyond the Boys’ Club: Strategies for Achieving Career Success as a Woman Working in a Male Dominated Field and Female Breadwinners: How They Make Relationships Work and Why They are the Future of the Modern Workplace. Suzanne is a Fellow of both the Professional Speakers Association and the Saltire Foundation. She is accredited by the International Coach Federation and is interviewed regularly by the press for her views on workplace diversity issues.

Panel Discussion
With facilitator Amy Jackson, Oxtale

Our panelists will be sharing their own experiences of building resilience and developing a strong mindset to overcome every challenge that we face as businesswomen;

  • Claire Nelson, Netball Scotland
  • Bonnie Clark, Remarkable
  • Rose Kirkpatrick, Dept Chief Constable, Police Scotland
  • Melanie Blane, White Rabbit Skincare

Look out for our panelist’s bios on our Facebook page.

Amy Jackson – Oxtale
Growing up in Edinburgh, Amy studied agriculture first at the West of Scotland Agricultural College then, after a stint in Canada milking cows, at the University of Aberdeen. She made the move into PR and communications quite by chance over 20 years ago after she (somewhat reluctantly) took a course to help her write a newsletter. Realising the profession actually suited her skills pretty well, she jumped career to work with a number of agricultural PR businesses then mainstream clients including Cadbury, Gillette, Toyota and Lafarge before setting up her own consultancy in 2008. Today, Amy has found her specialism in crisis and reputation management, and as well as handling issues as diverse as end-of-life care and waste fuels, is now one of the ‘go-to’ specialists in food and farming. This has led to speaking invitations at scientific conferences and public debates across the UK, and even a discussion about the acceptability of different dairy farming systems on BBC’s Countryfile. In a world increasingly focused on the value of people, Amy believes businesses benefit from qualities she shares with most women – persistence, emotional intelligence and intuitive communication abilities. She is adamant that personal challenges only make you stronger, and the key to success is infecting everyone around you with the same passion you feel for a product, service or cause. As Amy now lives in a rambling cottage in Oxfordshire with her partner Greg and two rescue dogs, she says she’s relishing the opportunity to return to Scotland to talk skills and strategy with like-minded business ladies – and to enjoy a proper full Scottish breakfast complete with square sausage!

Morning Workshops – further details below
1. Sandy McCurdy, Sales Coach Scot – Selling is dead – long live relationships!
2. Brian Costello, Headstrong
3. Kirsty Rae, Love Enigma

Afternoon Workshops – further details below
1. Helen Potter, Potter & Potter – Being Meaningfully Unique
2. Rachel Weiss, Rowan Consultancy – Building Resilience
3. Maureen Evans – Posture and body language for impact

Workshop Leaders & Topics
Sandy McCurdy – Sales Coach Scot

Morning Workshop – Selling is dead – long live relationships!

Invariably, when potential clients contact Sales Coach Scot Sandy McCurdy they say “we are not into the hard sell.” Sandy’s response is always the same. I’m pleased to hear it. Neither am I – because the hard sell doesn’t work.”

People’s ideas what good selling is about is often mistaken. In this short, informative and fun talk Sandy will highlight that trust and a customer’s perception of you is at the root of all good selling. He will describe how to build trust with a customer and illustrate the massive power of empathy. “Moments of Truth” – every contact that a customer has with your business – are the key to business success. Sandy will highlight some of the great “Moments of Truth” he has encountered in his business life.

Sandy will also describe how often businesses fail to build relationships and why this is disastrous for business survival and growth.

He will also discuss how great internal relationships in a business can lead to wonderful customer relationships – yes and increased business.

Brian Costello, Headstrong
Morning Workshop – Creating A New Normal

Brian Costello is Director of HeadStrong and for over ten years has dedicated himself to working out one of life’s most enduring puzzles…the working of our mind. An author, trainer, motivational speaker and one of Scotland’s leading mind coaches, Brian teaches people how to easily manage the mind by showing, at the core of all of us, we are much more simple than we think we are! He is an expert at make the complex task of thinking significantly simpler and is a frequent speaker at businesses, schools and events delivering a positive message of hope and honesty and how change is always much easier than we think its going to be.

The only constant in life is change. But, sometimes even though you are working hard, eating the right things, going to the gym and doing your best to be cheerful – the things you really want to change seem to just stay the same. Brian is going to show us how we can all make change simpler by lifting the lid on your mind’s inner workings. In this fascinating little seminar he will show you that you are a lot closer to creating the life you want than you think and reveal the simple mistakes that we make when we try to make change in our lives. This is not magic or about waiting on the universe delivering, this is about you mastering your mind and pointing it in a direction that leads to fulfilment and happiness.

Kirsty Rae – Love Enigma

Morning Workshop

Kirsty is a business woman with a passion for helping others succeed. With over 15 years experience in health and wellbeing and business management, she takes a holistic approach when delivering training, events or individual coaching to fellow entrepreneurs. “Success is about the whole picture, creating a business that lights your soul while living a life full of purpose.” As well as managing and running public and private sector companies, Kirsty has had a number of her own successful businesses and currently works between her business coaching and consulting company, The Entrepreneurs Association, and her award-winning training academy, Love Enigma.

Helen Potter – Potter & Potter

Afternoon Workshop – Being Meaningfully Unique

Helen is a Graduate Chemist, Marketer and Innovation Engineer with 25 years’ experience in new product development and innovation. When responsible for Innovation at Edrington, Helen devised, developed and launched a new portfolio for The Famous Grouse adding an incremental profit of over £12M. During this time, she enjoyed the mentorship of Doug Hall, founder of Eureka! Ranch and gained the highest certification in I.E.

In 2015 Helen founded Potter & Potter to teach people how to innovate. Helen is working with Doug Hall and the I.E. Institute, to build and deliver an Innovation Engineering Education Platform accessible to all. Helen also works with Matrix UK to deliver I.E. based Programmes in Ireland to help SMEs grow through innovation. An external review recently found the Programme had returned £26 for every £1 invested.

In her workshop Helen will explain what Innovation Engineering is and how, at its heart, is the notion of Meaningfully Unqiue™. She will discuss the mind-set required for innovation and how such a mind-set can help us deal with change and build resilience.

Rachel Weiss – Rowan Consultancy

Afternoon Workshop – Building Resilience

Rachel Weiss studied mathematics at Oxford and then rejected possible careers as an academic or a banker to be a teacher, subsequently training as a counsellor and coach. She founded Rowan Consultancy in Perth in 1997, whilst raising three children. Rowan has a network of counsellors, coaches and trainers throughout Scotland, helping people live more satisfying lives, We like to think that, in our small way, we help to make the world a better place by benefitting individuals, relationships, teams, workplaces and society. Rachel recently founded Menopause Café

We all experience ups and downs in life, times of light and times of shade, and dappled times when the two are intermixed. This workshop gives you practical tips on how to build your personal resilience, so you can roll with the punches better and recover from adversity quicker. We will explore the attitudes which characterise resilient people and how you can develop these, if you so wish.

Maureen Evans – Complete Movement

Afternoon Workshop – Posture for Performance

Maureen has a degree in Pure Mathematics from St. Andrews University and an MBA from Henley Management Cowllege. With 20 years of corporate and senior leadership experience, she now runs her own leadership coaching business as well as being owner and Pilates coach at Complete Movement. Maureen’s workshop will combine her leadership and movement coaching work and help you to:

Understand how your personal or business brand is affected by posture
Get to know how the chemical make-up of your body can be affected by posture
Get a sense of what “good posture” is and how you can change it
Understand how posture can affect your wellbeing and business success
Despite her depth of understanding, what you’ll get from Maureen’s workshop is a simplicity and clarity that will show you why great posture matters. She’ll share some tools to help you to have more personal and business success in 2018.

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