2018 ASB Women of Inspiration Awards Announced

Each year the Association of Scottish Businesswomen (ASB) honours and celebrates the achievement and contribution of inspirational women in business and the wider community through their Women of Inspiration Awards.

We are delighted to announce that we honoured twelve such women this year on International Women’s Day at a special reception hosted by Virgin Money at their Lounge in Edinburgh. Each woman was nominated by someone who felt they are deserving of the award; an inspiration to others, role models or leaders in their professions; women who have excelled in their careers or who have encouraged others and impacted lives in the wider community.

ASB president, Wendy Maltman said “we were overwhelmed by the number of nominations received this year, celebrating the contributions and achievements of women from all walks of life, making the decision of the nomination committee very difficult.

“Our “Inspirational Women” are business leaders, chief executives, trailblazers, charity champions, entrepreneurs, mentors, motivational speakers and adventurers, women who are truly inspirational and worthy of these awards.

“Each of these women are impacting the businesses and communities in which they work; they are passionate and pioneering business leaders, and selfless and committed charity champions, inspiring and encouraging those around them to overcome barriers and reach their own goals.”

The women recognised in the 2018 ASB Women of Inspiration Awards

Alice Beveridge, Positive Psychologist, Director and Speaker at Tree Of Knowledge

“In her role as an inspirational speaker, Alice has motivated and inspired over 50,000 people across Scotland and the UK. She works with everyone from school pupils to leaders from some of the UKs most successful businesses. Her understanding of people and what motivates them allows her to be the spark people need to achieve their dreams. Her enthusiasm and commitment is infectious and she always brings out the best in those around her.”

Alison Tait, Chief Executive Officer, Break the Silence

“Alison delivers support, counselling and alternative therapies for victims of rape and sexual abuse. She is awe inspiring in her everyday life too. Alison has worked tirelessly over the past few years for Youth Enterprise and set up the Rotary Grange Group which engaged businesses to give back. She is also part of Ayrshire Business Women and is constantly referring work to the members. Alison is the first to attend events or support other members, and is the most selfless person I have ever met. You only need to meet Alison in order to feel inspired.”

Angie Foreman, Coca Cola 5by20 Programme Director

“Angie is one of the most amazing, passionate and dedicated women I’ve ever met. She has the ability to ensure that every woman who participates in the Coca Cola 5by20 program builds in confidence and feels she is part of a much larger, worthwhile network. Through her own determination and belief she brings out the best in every woman; she personally mentors those needing support and builds confidence, knowledge and strength in others. She instils knowledge without being patronising, gets involved in the businesses and is always at the end of a phone.”

Fin Wycherley, CEO of Supersize Media

“Fin is a pioneer and leader in her profession. She has worked with many ambitious business women, helping them position their businesses for success. She regularly gives back to the business community, delivering free regular workshops around Scotland and the UK, teaching SME’s on how to build a successful business and improve leads using the latest digital strategies. Fin understands family values and provides opportunities to young women giving them a platform to pursue their career without having to sacrifice family values. Fin is a true inspiration and a role model to me and for all women.”

Jennifer Connelly, Chairperson of Fastworks Bonhill

“Jennifer set up the children’s charity Fastworks Bonhill and has worked tirelessly as a volunteer to dedicate her life to bettering the lives of families, women and children. Jennifer has changed lives, taken people out of social isolation and, at Christmas, delivers over 100 food parcels and presents to families living in deprivation. The charity focusses on the advancement of education through the provision of facilities, resources and activities with the objective of improving the conditions of life for local children.”

Liz Cameron OBE, Director & Chief Executive, Scottish Chambers of Commerce

“Described by her peers as a ‘trailblazer’, Liz has made rich and vital contributions to Scotland’s economic growth. Her commitment and leadership in forging closer partnerships between business and government has resulted in real and lasting change. Liz turns vision into reality, positively impacting on people’s lives in Scotland. Liz devotes countless hours to organisations including ‘WEvolution’ and ‘Tedx’, recognising the importance of leaning in, encouraging and supporting under-represented groups to enhance life opportunities. As the first female CEO of Scottish Chambers of Commerce, Liz has truly paved the way and will act as an

inspiring role model for future generations.”

Louise Macdonald, Chief Executive of Young Scot

“Louise was honoured to be made the independent Chair of the First Minister’s Advisory Council on Women and Girls, whose aim is to champion equality for young women in Scotland. In the past year Young Scot have supported the Scottish Government with the First Mentor project and is helping to shape the policy to deliver free sanitary products to help bring an end to period poverty. As Chief Executive of Young Scot, Louise represents the interests of over 670,000 young people in Scotland. She is fiercely committed to making sure young women in Scotland are given the opportunity to reach their full potential.”

Mairi McCallum, Manager of Moray Foodbank

“Mairi is an unassuming but well-informed lady. She is extremely diligent, caring and a tireless ambassador for Moray Foodbank and Children 1st. Mairi encourages, empowers and inspires everyone around her to achieve their full potential. She has a passion to help people and improve their lives, whether in the form of food support or supporting the more vulnerable in our society. Mairi is a leading presence at charity fund raising events; organising, advertising and rallying people, and always with a big smile and boundless energy.”

Mollie Hughes, mountaineer, adventurer and motivational speaker

“In 2012, Mollie became one of the youngest British climbers to summit Mount Everest from the south side, at the age of just 21. On 16th May 2017, Mollie successfully reached the summit of Mount Everest from the north side. Doing so at the age of 26 made Mollie the youngest woman in the world to successfully summit from both the north and south sides of the world’s highest mountain. One of Mollie’s most endearing qualities is her quiet confidence as she goes about talking to schools, community groups and corporate gatherings. Her story is inspiring to everyone; over 50,000 students have heard her tell them they can achieve absolutely anything with the right mix of determination, self-belief and team work.

Pauline Moriarty, Beautiful Inside & Out SCIO

“When Pauline lost her 13 year old daughter Jenna to suicide, her world fell apart. But instead of not facing the issues, she started her charity, Beautiful Inside and Out SCIO. The charity supports bereaved parents and siblings of suicide victims, promoting feelings of self-worth. Pauline works tirelessly to raise funds and raise awareness of bullying and suicide in young people. She inspires me daily as she has turned an horrendous situation into one of hope for others.”

Susan Mackenzie Young, Private Clients Division, Gallagher Insurance

“Susan began her working career when she was 19 years old, whilst taking a gap year from University, with a local Scottish based insurance brokers called Giles Insurance. Over the past 22 years, Susan has progressed up the career ladder in a heavily dominated male environment and is now the Managing Director of the Private Clients Division. She prides herself in delivering a first class service to her clients and providing employment to others. Susan is a big charity advocate and two years ago she became a Business Ambassador for the Ayrshire Hospice. Since then she has been involved in many charity events such as climbing Goat Fell for Scottish Cot Death Society.”

Val Russell, Chief Executive, Ayrshire Chamber of Commerce

“Val has spent 19 years driving forward a Chamber which proactively works with its members to initiate economic change, personally championing many initiatives to support education and employability for the future workforce. Under Val’s leadership, the Ayrshire Chamber team has recently undertaken a major overhaul of membership to better suit the economic challenges facing the business community and to future proof the Chamber. Working across all sectors, Val’s ability to lead, persuade and innovate has been crucial in establishing one of the most respected Chambers within the Network.”

Thank you to everyone who nominated an Inspirational Woman for our 2018 Awards. Our twelve winners were presented with certificates to honour their contribution and achievements at an exclusive reception held in the Virgin Money Lounge, Edinburgh on International Women’s Day. We will be profiling all of our winners on our website in our Member Showcase page.

With thanks to former ASB president Sandra Benn at Virgin Money Lounge, Edinburgh for hosting our Awards Reception.

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