Consulting M3 Launches its Latest Extraordinary Venture

The Perth-based people development company, which is part of the ConsultingM3 consultancy group, was launched earlier this week, in a drive to bridge the skills gap and drive performance in small businesses. The Extraordinary Training Co., which delivers leadership training and coaching services across Perthshire, is bringing high-end, affordable corporate training to SMEs.

Seeing a gap in the market between formal, expensive, business-school style leadership courses and self-directed, online admin skills, The Extraordinary Training Co. has positioned itself securely to meet the growing needs of smaller businesses to satisfy their employees demands for learning opportunities.

With nine in ten UK professionals stating they would be more engaged and less likely to seek new employment if their current employer offered them training and development, it seems they’ve come at just the right time.  In fact, more than two thirds of those surveyed said they would take a lower salary in return for development opportunities sponsored by their employer.

Jane Rennie, Founder and MD of The Extraordinary Training Co., said

“Engaged employees may be the greatest competitive advantage an organisation can have.  Did you know that disengaged employees cost the UK £52-£70 Billion per year in lost productivity? Research by Gallup suggests that a staggering 83% of the UK workforce is either disengaged or ambivalent about their job and/or company.

“The simple fact is, you can’t be extraordinary if you’re not engaged.  The right training courses, workshops, coaching – whatever works for you – is the key to unlocking engagement. How many of you woke up this morning and thought to yourself, today I’m going to be extraordinary?  The chances are not too many of us. We think about ourselves as ordinary people leading ordinary lives and yet the reality is that we all have the opportunity to be extraordinary everyday, in whatever way we choose.”

The Extraordinary Training Co works on a simple premise.  They believe – without exception – that an organisation’s strength is its people.  And yet with so few smaller organisations – despite a strong commitment to their workforce – having the understanding, access or budget to implement great training and learning, they’re missing out.

So whether you need help with developing your leaders, becoming a great team, being more productive, or even creating a great company culture, they always starts with what’s most important –  your people.

Why not give them a call and see what they can do for you and your team?  What have you got to lose… apart from great people, that is?


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