Committee Meeting Minutes – December 1st 2017

PBN Committee Meeting Minutes

December 1, 2017





Livvy Pardoe (Treasurer/Minutes), Tricia Fox (Stepping in as Chair), Georgina Coleman, Caroline Mackintosh, Olivia Robertson, Alison Lowson

Jane Rennie, Debbie Fellows, Claire MacFarlane


1.   Announcements & Chair’s Report

Tricia Stepped in as chair in Jane (Chair) & Debbie (Vice Chair) absence. Both Georgina Coleman and Caroline Mackintosh were welcomed and introduced themselves. All agreed with the success of the Big Business Breakfast and Perth race course as a venue. Action: JR to follow up with Natalie

2.   Treasurer’s Report

Members update: 6 NEW members have joined on the back of the Chris Van Der Kuyl Big Business Breakfast.

Bank update: LP received correspondence by email from Heather Borderie (ex Treasurer) to say the new online banking dongle had been sent to her home address and that Sandra would hand it to “someone” at the PBN 20thAniversary evening. LP suggested that CM also be added as a signatory.  Action: LP to collect signatory form for CM to complete.

3.   Events

  • 20th Anniversary Party:Numbers confirmed at 27 with a capacity of 36. LP suggested having a way for people to donate to our charity of the year (The Archie Foundation) TF & GC suggested a tombola. TF suggested asking one of the former chairs or members of PBN to say a few words on the night, followed by JR’s chair speech. Action:OR to contact Anne Bunting re speaking on the night. LP to print ‘The Archie Foundation’ logo onto Donation forms or envelopes.
  • Business Breakfast/Wine Down: Received feedback from Georgina about hosting responsibilities. Prior to joining the Committee, she attended a BB ‘incognito’ to provide insight into her experience.  It is clear that as a Committee we need to be more proactive in introducing ourselves and ensuring all attendees are spoken to.  JR suggested we wear a name badge, or lanyard to distinguish Committee Members. Action: TF to source/design badges (x10) with new logo ready for 20thAnniversary Party.

4.   Website/Social Media

TF confirmed that new website will be launched at Anniversary Party – along with new logo.  She previewed the site, which it was agreed, is a significant improvement! Action: TF to continue tweaking and testing and JR to compile past CM Minutes for uploading.

5.   Marketing/PR

  • Striving for Excellence: Ongoing Action:PBN needs to step up marketing activity to kick start slow ticket sales.
  • Membership Pack: DF (by email) reviewed membership pack and agreed that there is a lot of irrelevant information included. Committee agreed that all information should be available on the new website for new members to access themselves.  Agreed that there should be a ‘fun’ questionnaire in the style “10 things you didn’t know…” to introduce members on the website to avoid lengthy ‘CV’ style profiles. Action: DF to update next committee meeting and TF to add this to the new site.

6.   A.O.B

  • ASB: OR attended the ASB AGM at Dunkeld on Nov 4th, and informed Committee via email of the outcomes. ASB have appointed a new Committee Member (Louise Medve) who is tasked with Affiliate Liaison.  Each affiliate will nominate a single point of contact moving forward and OR has agreed to take up this role.
  • Joining Forms:It was agreed that these should be available at every event. Action: LP to design an A5 form to gather data for follow-up by the Membership Committee
  • Pop-up Banners: It was agreed that we require 2 x banners to promote PBN at our events. Action: TF to design and cost.
  • Committee Meetings: Moving forward, we will alternate meeting times/venue between evening and lunchtimes to ensure maximum attendance. Both DF and TF have offered their offices for the lunchtime meeting, the first of which will be out next meeting. Action: JR to send revised meeting request/calendar invitation by email.
  • Event Venues: GC Suggested The Famous Grouse Experience and Blues Sky as possible event venues.

Meeting closed at 14:00pm

Next meeting: January 8, 2018; 18.00pm; TBC Perth.



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