Committee Meeting Minutes: October 9th 2017





Jane Rennie (Chair), Livvy Pardoe (Treasurer/Minutes), Claire McFarlane, Tricia Fox, Alison Lowson

Debbie Fellows, Olivia Robertson, Natalie Bolland, Karen McRostie

  1. Announcements & Chair’s Report

JR suggested that we approach Caroline Mackintosh (Macnabs) to join the Committee as she’s expressed interest in getting involved.  This would require a current Committee Member/s to step down.  Both DC and NB have been unavailable to attend any meeting since the AGM.  Action:  JR to email both requesting resignation

  1. Events
  • 20th Anniversary Party: Tuesday, December 5, Grayson’s Wine Bar. Leigh Smith confirmed she will make the cake.  Action: TF to email new logo to Leigh.
  • Charity Quiz Night Fundraiser: Thursday, November 2. Teams limited to 15 in total (max 5 per team) Action: CMcF to contact Mercure to check capacity. AL to email NHS contact to see if they wanted to join.
  • Striving for Excellence:
    • Helen Smout: October 17; 8 attended; Heather Borderie gave feedback re catering and poor attendance.
    • The Big Business Breakfast: November 15 – Business Gateway have sponsored the event.
  • Business Breakfast/Wine Down: Committee agreed that these events should be held on alternate months – numbers have picked up. Swapping btwn Monday/Friday is working well. Committee also agreed that 2 x CMs should always be present at these events.
  • Learning Lunch: JR will host first one in January (Sante) – The Road to There. Working lunch, price per head TBC to include all materials and 2-course lunch.
  1. Website/Social Media

Committee discussed website/social media roles & responsibilities – especially using scheduled posts

KMc confirmed that she will take responsibility for Twitter/Facebook “chatty” postings to increase audience/membership awareness.

TF/AL confirmed they will post Striving for Excellence events on website and link to social.

TF advised that new website will be launched at Anniversary Party – along with new logo.  Action: JR to compile past CM Minutes for uploading onto website.

  1. Marketing/PR
  • Striving for Excellence: PBN needs to step up marketing activity to kick start slow ticket sales.
  • Membership Pack: DF currently reviewing membership pack with view to cutting it back to a single page of essential information. Advised that constitution should be available on website rather than membership pack. Action: DF to update next committee meeting.


Meeting closed at 7.50pm

Next meeting: November 6, 2017, 6pm, The Grampian Hotel, Perth.



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