Committee Meeting Minutes: September 5th 2017

September 5, 2017




Jane Rennie (Chair), Debbie Fellows, Claire McFarlane, Tricia Fox, Alison Lowson, Olivia Robertson, Karen McRostie

Livvy Pardoe


  1. Announcements & Chair’s Report
  • Minutes Secretary: As DC is finding it difficult to attend meetings, we need to appoint a stand Min/Sec. Action: Non-specific action; to be explored further
  • Administrator: Committee to produce a list of admin tasks performed by all to further discuss the need for a part-time outsourced and/or combining current Committee Member role. JR suggested that LP may be interested in the role if a substitute Treasurer was found. Action: All to compile admin task list
  1. Treasurer’s Report (in absentia)

Transfer of bank signatory/address etc..  Urgent need to have both Treasurer and Chair as signatories.  JR suggested that DF (Vice-Chair) should be also be added. Action: LP to continue working with BoS to finalise handover.

  1. Membership

Discussion of membership numbers – currently 58/59 – for updated directory on new website.  TF expressed concern about number of mail list recipients who were not engaged with PBN as members or event attendees.  Action: LP, DF and OR to compare membership lists, notes, previous information.

  1. Events
  • 20th Anniversary Party: Date confirmed as Tuesday, December 5, Grayson’s Wine Bar. Action: JR to contact Leigh Smith re providing a cake for the event.
  • ASB Awards: Sept 29, Glasgow Central Hotel. PBN to cover ticket costs for JR, TF, AL, LP, KMcR and OR to attend.
  • Future events:
    • Business Breakfast: September 25 at Blend. DF and OR to host.
    • Helen Smout: October 17 at Perth Museum. TF to host. LP, AL and CMcF to attend.
    • Business Breakfast: October 27 at Blend. Hosts TBC.
    • Charity Quiz Night Fundraiser: Thursday, November 2. All CMs to attend and collect potential raffle prizes. Action: CMcF to book venue.
  • Striving for Excellence:
    • The Big Business Breakfast: November 15, Perth Racecourse. Action: TF seeking funding from Business Gateway to sponsor as part of Entrepreneurs Week events.
  1. Website/Social Media
  • Logo: TF showed new logo options. Attending members voted and decision made that new logo would be launched at the 20th Anniversary Party.
  • Website: TF demonstrated new website theme and possible features/layout etc.


Meeting closed at 7.30

Next meeting: October 9, 2017; 6pm; The Grampian Hotel, Perth.



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