Committee Meeting Minutes: July 3rd 2017


Present: Debbie Fellows (acting chair), Claire McFarlane, Karen McRostie, Tricia Fox, Alison Lowson (minutes).

Apologies: Jane Rennie, Livvy Pardoe, Olivia Robertson.

Next meeting: August 7, 2017, 6pm, Grampian Hotel, Perth.



  • No minutes from previous meeting available.
  • No contact email for Nicola Blakely. Action: DF to track down.
  • Thank you letter received from Joan Maclean (Perthshire Women’s Aid) acknowledging PBN’s £2053.53 donation.


  • 20th anniversary pre-Xmas ‘social’ event: Tuesday, December 5, Grayson’s Wine Bar. TF suggested drawing up complimentary guest list for past members, committee members etc.
  • Action: Cmc to check availability.
  • 20th anniversary fundraiser: Thursday, November 2, Quiz Night, Christian Centre, Riggs Road. Update on special anniversary cake required.

Action: Venue to be decided.

  • Striving for Excellence: TF updated meeting. AliBob (July 27); Oli Norman (Aug 31); Helen Smout (Oct 17), Chris van der Kuyl (Nov 15) – all confirmed. TF made contact with PKC economic dept. Business Gateway re. potential sponsorship for CVDK event.
  • Discussion: Venue for CVDK t/b/c. Riggs Road Christian Centre or Norie Millar Suite at Concert Hall suggested.
  • Business Breakfast/Wine Down: Poor turnout at June business breakfast discussed. Crossover 8-10am timings suggested going forward. However, Cmc reported that two potential new members attended. Details passed over to DF to follow-up.
  • Action: Committee agreed that these events should be held on alternate months. August 25 now changed from Business Breakfast to Wine Down. Committee also agreed that 2 x committee members should always be present at these events.
  • Small Business Saturday (Dec 2): Kmc highlighted interview opportunities for PBN members if SBS bus detours through Perth. Committee agreed that Nicki Martin @ SCBP might want to take the lead.
  • Action: AL to research and contact Nicki @ Small City.

Website/Social Media

  • Committee discussed lack of clarity around website/social media roles & responsibility.
  • Kmc confirmed that she will take responsibility for Twitter/Facebook “chatty” postings to increase audience/membership awareness. TF/AL confirmed they will post Striving For Excellence events on website and link to social.
  • Committee also discussed challenges with the current website. TF advised that PBN should fix current set-up rather than scrap it entirely.
  • Action: TF/Volpa to investigate website repairs and report back to specific website meeting (to be held after next month’s committee meeting).
  • Action: JR/LP to confirm that they have main responsibility for website housekeeping (updating visuals, uploading Business Breakfast/Wine Down info).
  • Action: Going forward, committee agreed minutes should be uploaded onto website.


  • Striving for Excellence: PBN needs to step up marketing activity to kick start slow ticket sales. TF suggested members mailshot using mailchimp info.
  • Action: Members mailshot.
  • Action: JR to email Mailchimp logins to TF.
  • Action: AL to send out AliBob press release 05/07/17 to media outlets, upload to PBN website & link to social media.


  • Membership Pack: DF currently reviewing membership pack with view to cutting it back to a single page of essential information. Advised that constitution should be available on website rather than membership pack.
  • Action: DF to update next committee meeting.
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