Annual General Meeting Minutes: April 28th 2017


16th April 2018 – Proposed by Debbie Fellows, Seconded by Olivia Robertson

Annual General Meeting Minutes

Friday 28th April, 2017 at The Grampian Hotel, Perth


Apologies: Heather Borderie, Jennifer Finan, Zoe Cormack, Sara Wood

  1. Minutes of Previous Meeting

Minutes of the 2016 AGM were approved by Debbie Fellows and seconded by Olivia Robertson.

  1. Matters Arising

There were no matters arising from the 2016 Minutes.

  1. Chair’s Report

Jane Rennie thanked everyone for coming along to the meeting and AGM.  She also thanked the incumbent Committee who had been very welcoming, expressing her appreciation for the hard work and effort put in throughout the year.

Jane also thanked all the speakers who had given their time at various events throughout the past year.

Jane explained that when she took over as Chair in February, she did so in the full knowledge that PBN has suffered somewhat of a ‘lull’ in recent years.  Nevertheless, from the interactions she had had in her own short time as a member, it was a role that she felt deeply committed to take on.  Jane admitted that despite having to step into some formidable shoes, not least our founder, Jackie Brierton, that she could bring something a little different to PBN.

Jane said that it was clear that PBN Committee had their work cut out; but that it gave her some clarity about her own goals for the network.  She made it clear that together, PBN members can do far more than each could achieve alone and was excited about working with both the Committee and each member to expand and grow the opportunities for all PBN members.

Jane reminded members of the PBN Mission Statement:

“PBN will provide women in Perthshire with a business network offering opportunities, support and promotion through the delivery of inspiring events, training & skills building and the development of an inclusive community of like-minded business owners and career professionals.”

Jane explained that her aim as Chair was to facilitate the implementation of this mission statement; to encourage, inspire and support our members giving them opportunities to network and showcase their businesses alongside opportunities for personal development and learning.

Jane went on to remind members that as PBN enters it’s 20th year, members can expect a lot of new events.  She explained that the Committee were planning some changes which will make PBN a better, stronger and more united voice for women in the Perthshire business community.

Jane then picked up on a number of key areas:

  • Membership numbers– despite a determined Committee and active social media presence, numbers were disappointing. A motion was passed to reduced the annual membership fees in all three categories.
    • From May 1, 2018, fees would be: £30 (individual), £50 (dual) and £85 (Corporate for 3 named members) and £125 (Corporate up to 5 named members)
  • Events– the focus for upcoming events would be on a business element, “putting the Business back into PBN”.
    • Striving for Excellence– a quarterly event would feature a prominent local businessperson, sharing their journey and advice.
    • Learning & Development – the Committee will be looking into a series of short, learning opportunities for members to attend. Topics are welcomed from members.
    • Survey– members will received an online survey to gather feedback on what they want and expect from the new Committee
    • Administrator – the Committee decided not to renew the Administrators contract after Jennifer Lindsay-Finan gave notice. For the time being, the role will be shared amongst Committee members.
    • Charity of the Year – TBC following an online poll.
    • Website redesign – the biggest challenge (financially, too) will be the redesign of the website which is too old and dysfunctional.Further discussion to be had and members will be kept informed.


  1. Treasurer’s Report

In Heather Borderie’s absence, Livvy Pardoe, the new Treasurer read out the overview prepared by Heather.

  • The accounts show a surplus; £2053.53 charity donation will be presented to Perthshire Women’s Aid which means in reality a loss for the year.
  • There was one free event in March as part of the Women’s Festival. The event was designed to recruit new members but it had was poorly attended and no new members resulted. PBN paid out for catering.
  • Other events had not always covered their costs adding to the loss for the year.
  • The charity fashion show is shown under meetings which is why this has a good increase.
  • Administrators fees were higher than previous years as the Committee had appointed an outsource, paid position to Jennifer Lindsay-Finan. Her contract has not been renewed so this will make a saving of £2,400 for 2017-18.
  • ASB raised their fees this year – these fees allow PBN members to be part of ASB
  • The ASB dinner payment includes the President’s Dinner & Meeting and attendance at the ASB Annual Conference.
  • Paypal charges have increased and we have encouraged members to pay via bank transfer.
  • To ensure the continuation of PBN we need to recruit as many members as possible. Last year Sara Wood reported that during 2015-16 we had a peak of 72 members but that had dropped to 61 at this time last year. Currently we are at 39 members.


  1. Appointment of Accountants

Jane thanked Sandra Paterson from Finlaysons and confirmed that they were happy to continue as Accountants and Auditors for 2017/18

  1. Election of Committee

Jane read out the names with Proposer and Seconder for the nominations.  The newly elected Committee are:

  • Jane Rennie – Chair
  • Debbie Fellows – Vice-Chair
  • Livvy Pardoe – Treasurer
  • Donna Causton – Minutes Secretary
  • Tricia Fox
  • Olivia Robertson
  • Karen McCrostie
  • Alison Lowson
  • Claire MacFarlane
  • Natalie Bolland


  1. AOB



Meeting closed at 7.00pm.  

Dinner was served and Jane introduced the speaker, Tasmina Sheikh-Ahmed.


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