ASB Administration Contract – tenders invited

The Association of Scottish Businesswomen is seeking administrative support for its Executive Committee (ExCo) and operations.

ASB will be administered by a contracted administrative service, not by an employee. The service may be provided by an individual or a company who is expected to be a member of the ASB. The service will be reviewed on an annual basis (or earlier if service levels fall) and may be re-tendered or allowed to continue for up 3 years with the same service provider.

The main responsibilities of the ASB Administrator are:

1. Provide the main point of contact for ASB (via email and telephone);
2. Support the ExCo with administration e.g. membership, communications, website updates, and events etc;
3. Provide administrative and secretarial support to ASB ExCo.

It is estimated that the work described would occupy on average c. 2-4 hours per week with peaks throughout the year when an event (max 4 per year) is taking place when additional time may be required to prepare.

To register your interest in the tender and receive the full tender document, please email Wendy Maltman at Your response along with details of two references should be returned by Monday 31st October.

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