Tight Head Ale from Inveralmond Brewery

Inveralmond’s Tight Head Ale returns for the Rugby World Cup

To celebrate this year’s Rugby World Cup, Inveralmond Brewery’s Tight Head Ale is now available to enjoy on a limited release during the event which runs from 18th September until 31st October. The scrumptious beer is available on draught in selected on trade establishments.

A muscly and delicious thirst-quencher, Tight Head Ale tackles the taste buds head-on with its vigorous, malty flavours whilst scoring on the nose with fresh, fruity and floral aromas, to leave a satisfyingly scrummy finish.

Bob Hogg, Commercial Director at Inveralmond Brewery commented:
“Many of Inveralmond Brewery’s customers are rugby fans too so it is great to be able to celebrate the upcoming Rugby World Cup by providing a pint fit for the occasion. Tight Head Ale is uncompromising, atmospheric and inspirational – just like the rugby! We hope many people will be able to enjoy a pint during this year’s tournament.”

Tight Head Ale joins Inveralmond Brewery’s range of craft beers that are exported and drank all over the world including the award winning Ossian, Thrappledouser, Sunburst, Lia Fail and Blackfriar.

To find out more about Inveralmond Brewery and its range of beers, visit www.inveralmond-brewery.co.uk

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