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Glenturret Distillery Welcomes Puff-fect Additions to Team

The Famous Grouse Experience at Glenturret Distillery is delighted to announce the arrival of not one, but two furry feline additions to become the distillery’s Official Mousers. The pair of male kittens, purr-fectly named Glen and Turret, are following in the famous pawsteps of a long and distinguished line of exceptional distillery cats, the most famous of which being Towser, the world’s most famous mouser.

Glen and Turret’s arrival comes after the distillery’s most recent mouser, Peat, sadly passed away after an accident last year on his first day exploring the great outdoors. The arrival of the two new mousers has been met with excitement by the team.

Stuart Cassells, General Manager of The Famous Grouse Experience at Glenturret Distillery, said:

“The whole team at Glenturret are thrilled to welcome some new little furry team members and we have decided to home two kittens instead of one so we can have twice the fun! There is a lot of evidence to suggest that it is good for a cat’s development to be around other cats as they are very social animals. They are also less likely to venture as far, so we have welcomed the cute and very mischievous Glen and Turret!

Stuart continued:

“Glen is, at 8 weeks old, very timid and quietly inquisitive while Turret, on the other paw, is a tabby on a mission! He’s a month older than Glen and into absolutely everything from climbing, including your leg, to playing with whatever or whoever he can find. They balance each other out purr-fectly and we now have twice the virtual mousing capacity with our new furry distillery duo.” 

Glen and Turret have mighty pawprints to fill as the legendary late, great Towser is still the most prolific and celebrated distillery mouser of all time. Towser the Mouser broke records by catching a whopping 28,899 mice in her 24 years. Towser prowled the distillery between 1963 and 1987 and is immortalised at the distillery with a statue celebrating her achievement.  

Since their arrival last week, the fluffy twosome have been settling in under the watchful eyes of the Four Men of Glenturret, the Stillmen, and have been exploring the distillery while getting up to general mischief. They have already proved a hit with visitors by jumping out and cuddling up to the public during the popular distillery experiences.


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