Carol Clark – PBN’s Nomination for ASB Awards

We are delighted to announce that we have selected Carol Clark to represent PBN in the ASB 2014 Awards for ‘The Most Enterprising Business’ Award.

The committee were very impressed with her approach to her new business and her innovative solution to a nationwide issue.

Carol has worked for more than twenty years in general dental practices as an employed dental hygienist. A change in the regulations in May 2013 allowed her to open the first independent dental hygienist clinic in Tayside. Gentle Hygiene is a new concept in dental care.

She tells us that her brand name is her mission statement.

“I offer relaxed, unhurried, treatment, with focus on listening to patients, especially patients with anxiety or phobia problems.”

Working independently of a dental practice business framework has allowed Carol to be more flexible with the terms of her appointments.  This means instead of being in and out in 15 minutes she offers extended appointments that allow her to talk to patients about their gum health and to ensure that they understand how to use the appropriate tools to improve gum health.  She will also “follow up” with nervous patients, calling or texting to make sure all is well.

Carol has embraced all advertising avenues open to her and has developed short animation videos which are on her website. She will periodically email patients interesting articles in order to remind people of the key facts and techniques essential to maintaining gum health.

She explains, “My website had to be full of facts! Patients love the chance to see the videos and remind themselves about the vital techniques to improve their gum health. I am happy to dedicate time to patients over the telephone prior to them booking an appointment, to answer any questions or concerns about the intended treatment. I have offered a complimentary gum treatment to my referring dentists.”

Carol uses Facebook, which she says, has been a great marketing resource. It gives her an informal platform where the public can ask questions pertinent to themselves. She regularly boost posts and has developed a good proportion of the business through it.

Twitter, LinkedIn and newspaper advertising are useful too, but experience dictates that “word of mouth” is the foundation on which her business is built.

Carol’s aim is to provide gentle, caring, affordable gum treatment tailored specifically to her patients. She also wants to develop a centre of excellence for periodontal care.

We wish Carol lots of luck in the ASB award and feel its only right that we all have a jolly to support her!  We’d be really happy to book a PBN table if we can generate enough interest. Tickets are £70 for ASB members (which you all are!).  Email info@pbn if interested.

The Awards Dinner takes place on Friday 3 October 2014 in Glasgow.  See ASB Event Page for more information and tickets.


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