Jennifer Lindsay – PBN Committee Member

Originally from Paisley, I have been a trainer for various brands from Weight Watchers to HMRC and absolutely love delivering induction training where I get to welcome new starts and make their transition to their new career as smooth and interesting as possible.  As with many of you, love brought me to Blairgowrie and after the culture shock wore off, I can honestly say I love living here.

After moving, I worked as the Trainer for Blackadders LLP in Dundee and loved helping solicitors learn how to use IT more effectively.  I also got to deliver all new start training which is what I enjoy most.  I love seeing the transformation in people from day one where they’re usually pretty terrified to day two where they just seem to fit in and can’t wait to get on with their new role.

I decided to go Freelance to give me more freedom to do more training and meet more people.  PBN has been an invaluable support to me.  PBN offers a great support network for business women and their events prove it really is possible to mix business with pleasure!  I’m delighted to be a committee member as I want to help PBN grow and help other businesswomen as PBN has helped me.  I’m also involved with Women’s Enterprise Scotland.

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