Fiona McLellan – PBN Committee Member

Fiona sends parcels. She breaths, lives and dreams parcels!

She started Pharos Parcel Ltd in 2008 at the tender age of 49 proving you are never too old to be an entrepreneur. After years working in the distribution industry she became aware of our growing passion for online shopping and started Pharos Parcel to provide a cost effective way for businesses, shop and individuals to ship parcels within the UK and overseas.

With the online service growing year on year Fiona’s latest venture is a one stop parcel shop in Perth’s George Street where people can drop in their letters, packages and parcels and Fiona and her team will advise them on the best way to post and save them queuing in the Post Office and provide them with boxes, bubble wrap and anything else they might need to post.

Fiona of Pharos Parcel with a wrapped car

Fiona of Pharos Parcel with a wrapped car

Passionate about small businesses Fiona and will tell anyone who will listen how she believes they are the future of Britain.

She loves the diversity of her customers and the amazing things they produce and how they are discovering the world is now their marketplace.

Fiona likes to travel, eats out far too much for her waistline and is never happier than when sitting at her sewing machine or up a ladder painting.

Fiona is an active member of the committee having completed a year as Vice Chair and now takes minutes, does the door and mans “the box”!

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