Estate Management for Perthshire Youngsters is Child’s Play

We loved this great idea – the earlier children can be exposed to different types of profession the better! Well done to Blair Castle!

Over 700 children from schools across Perthshire came together to help run one of Scotland’s biggest private estates. The Atholl Estates in Highland Perthshire, which includes the ancient seat of the Murray Clan, Blair Castle, saw its whole range of forestry, farming, fishing, game-keeping and ranging run by 700 children.

The opportunity gave youngsters from around the county the opportunity to experience a whole range of different rural professions including sheep shearing, wall building, plant potting, tree climbing, as well as a race to see who the fastest tent builder would be.

Home to the award winning Horse Trials, and the recent Atholl Gathering, Blair Castle and Atholl Estates dates back to the 13th century and manages over 145,000 acres of rolling farmland and wild open hills.

Andrew Bruce Wooton, General Manager commented:

“This is an unrivalled opportunity to give young people a real taste of Estate life and work, exposing them to the wonder of working on such magnificent landscapes and opening their eyes to the wide variety of career paths that work on a traditional Scottish Estate can offer.

“We are truly delighted to have been able to make this possible for over 700 children today and to introduce the next generation to the preservation and development of Scotland’s stunning landscape. Thanks to all the schools involved and to our fantastic staff.”

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