Tuesday 27th May – Networking Lunch

Social Networking has dominated our lives in the last few years and as modern businesswomen we are BIG fans here at PBN.  However, nothing can ever replace the good old fashioned tradition of coming along to a room full of peers and networking – in person, with your business cards and elevator pitch (lift blether!) at the the ready.

At our May networking lunch PBN member Rachel Weiss of Rowan Consultancy is going to share her top tips on “How To Work The Room” including making that elevator pitch a winning one minute soliloquy.

Rachel will cover:

  • How do you get to talk to people?
  • How do you move on?
  • How do you encourage others to talk to you?
  • How to convey your business memorably in a minute or two (and how not to!)

Rowan logoThe session will be very interactive. Rachel will give us tips and then we will practice in small groups, applying her ideas to our businesses and situation. This means that everyone will have an opportunity to work with at least four other PBN members and get to know them and their businesses better. Of course, they’ll also find out all about you and yours!

The whole session is designed to be fun, informal and very useful; Rachel is a fantastic speaker and we’re delighted to have her along to share her knowledge at our lunch.

Registration 12-12.15 (please be prompt, lunch meetings are a wee bit tighter for time!)

Soup and Sandwich Buffet Lunch served 12.15 -12.45

Rachel Weiss “How To Work A Room” 1pm – 2pm


PBN visit the Stunning Terrace at Parklands Hotel

PBN lunch at the stunning Parklands Hotel

The Parklands Hotel owner, Penny Edwards is one of PBN’s newest members. Parklands provides Perth with an unbeatable combination of quality accommodation and two highly regarded restaurants. The emphasis is on comfort and relaxation, fabulous food and friendly service. We can highly recommend a sunny day on the terrace!


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