Beverly Callander Mortgage Advisor Perth

Beverley Callander – PBN Secretary

I joined PBN 10 years ago as I started my own business called appropriately “Professional Mortgage Advisers Ltd” having worked for Abbey for the previous 12 years. My daughter Samantha was 6 at the time and as a divorcee,  I chose to downsize on income and increase the time I spent with her, attending all the things as a parent you miss working full-time as an employee. The joys of sports days, nativity plays and walking the ForthRoadBridge with 60 hyper children!

I love my job helping people get the mortgage/protection which is best for them and the independence of being my own boss which gives me the empowerment to say no! Something I found very difficult to learn how to do. By Joining PBN, I have met and used the services of a personal trainer, (some years ago, but it worked!) my sage trainer, my accountant, my chiropractor, copy writer, web designer, and IT wizard, whom not only I would call friends but some are now clients of mine too!

I enjoy the regular meetings and always meet someone new and interesting or indeed learn new information to help my business improve. I enjoy meeting people and if there is something I have learned from all my years of Networking and indeed working is to be a “listener and not a talker” It pays rewards in the long term. I do however, talk a lot at Committee meetings!



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