Live Active Leisure’s £25million Sports Hub for Perth

Live Active Leisure, Perth & Kinross’s Leisure Trust, has unveiled their plans for PH2O, an ambitious £25 million sports and leisure hub in the city of Perth.  On revealing their “21st Century Vision” they ‘called to action’ an impressive group of key potential stakeholders and possible  partners, at an initial meeting (on Thursday 30th January) in Dewars Centre, Perth.  Their “iconic public facility” is planned for the existing Perth Leisure Pool site and follows seven years of extensive research into user demand, growing population, energy consumption and both existing and planned provisions across the primary 2,000 square mile catchment.

The PH2O vision showcases a ‘one-door’ approach featuring flexible swimming spaces, leisure attractions, fitness and health facilities, ice-rink and adventure activity and play.  It will become the largest and most versatile sports and leisure centre in Perth and Kinross, expected to attract 250,000 visitors each year to the area generating  a spend of at least £2.5million into the local economy as well as creating  great demand from across the communities of Perth and Kinross.


User demand has changed considerably over the last quarter century and this project will see Perth Leisure Pool substantially redeveloped and re-modelled with considerable flexibility built-in. This will ensure that it reflects shifting trends and customer aspirations in the short and longer-term.

One of the key considerations for this build is the environmental impact and cost of provision over the next 20 years and beyond .  Both Perth Leisure Pool and Dewars Centre are energy intensive; one in the preparation of ice which generates ‘waste’ heat and the other, in heating water and air for swimming.  In PH2O these plant rooms will be combined to re-use waste heat from the ice plant to pre-heat water and air for the swimming pool. Innovative opportunities for the use of surplus heat generated on site for neighbouring developments are also being explored.

Nicola Lessells, Deputy CEO and Financial Controller at Live active Leisure commented, “PH2O offers a unique ‘spend to save’ opportunity. The present delivery model, over multiple sites which are beginning to show their age, is simply not sustainable.”

She continued, “If we do nothing, income trends will fall and costs will rise, which clearly has dramatic financial implications as well as a negative impact on the quality and quantity of opportunities for our communities to live actively.”

The project has been backed and supported by a team of PH2O Ambassadors from across Perth and Kinross; including Eve Muirhead who is currently leading the women’s Great British Curling Team in the Sochi Winter Olympics and Pete Wishart MP.

Mike Robinson, Project Board Chairman for PH2O commented on the team leading the project, “We have some great expertise behind us including one of the best sports centre architects with a design team that delivered the London Aquatic Centre. The project board, made up of carefully chosen LAL directors and partner representatives, bring extensive experience in delivering large scale projects of this nature on time and on budget through working effectively in partnership. Perth Leisure Pool and Perth Concert Hall are examples that many will recognise”

Live Active Leisure has already secured £10million towards the target of £25million required to realise the project with this including a £5million investment commitment from Perth and Kinross Council.

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