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Fiona McLellan, PBN Vice Chair and owner of Pharos Parcel received a welcome boost this Christmas from Martin Lewis’s and his website. Pharos Parcel, for those of you who don’t know, is an online parcel delivery service that Fiona has owned and run for the past 5 years.

Bucking the trend of the current economic climate, Pharos Parcel has grown year on year since their inception in 2008. Their recent move from office based premises in Rose Terrace to their new shop front in George Street followed a decision to grow the business and extend their services into packaging, retail and parcel drop off.

On the second of December, Martin Lewis posted a blog aiming to help people save money on their parcel delivery over the festive period. Lo and behold, after his online research did he not just recommend Fiona and the team at Pharos Parcel as being fantastic value and service. AS well as going up onto the site this also went out to all newsletter subscribers and before long Fiona’s google analytics were in overdrive!

She told us, “We saw an increase of 36% in website traffic over the December period and of that 40% were new visitors! It was just fantastic. There are other links on the site but we were there as an impartial recommendation and not as a paid for link – it really is the sort of boost that money just can’t buy!”

This boost in web visitors translated to an 18% rise in year on year revenue making December 2013 her busiest month since business inception!

“I would say that 2013 has been a positive year overall with many of our new customers coming as a result of our growing reputation for good value. We’ve also been working on our SEO and social media so we’d have hoped for a good Christmas anyway. The link and recommendation was the perfect Fairy on top of the tree!”

If you’d like to find out what Martin had to say about Fiona and Pharos Parcel then click through to his blog and have a read!

A bit more about Pharos Parcel:

As well as servicing individuals Pharos Parcel also looks after the delivery for several Perth businesses, including fellow PBN member, Apple Blossom Time Bridal Studio. A huge part of their business has stemmed from online shops and retail.

Fiona of Pharos Parcel with a wrapped car

Fiona of Pharos Parcel with a wrapped car

Fiona told us, “Important business and legal documents are a big part of it but we also send a rather bizarre mix of items on a regular basis! We deliver for Tails who send wonderful gent’s clothing all over the world from Penarth in Wales, The Sick & The Wrong from Keswick is a snow-boarding company and most recently we’ve added second hand recording equipment for a business based in Hatfield that has the contract to clear out old BBC technical hardware. No two days are the same.”

Their new shop in George Street has allowed the public and businesses to drop in, buy all of their packaging requirements and have a member of the team sort out delivery for them.

“We supply people with packaging that will get from one end of the world to the other

with minimum risk of damage. We like to think we give the expert advice that isn’t readily

available elsewhere – not everyone likes to use the internet but they do still want their

parcels safely delivered within 24 hours!” explained Fiona.

The shop, and its drop-in service offered, comes on the back of recent news that Perth’s Central Post Office is under threat of closure. It has created an additional full time position with Pharos Parcel.

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